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Bootstrap 3 with on-demand RTL support

This is a fork of morteza's bootstrap-rtl theme. Contrary to the original, it doesn't override the default LTR direction and enforce RTL direction by default. It relies on <html dir="ltr|rtl"> attribute and enables RTL direction only when dir="rtl" is set.

Bootstrap RTL provides simple yet robust right-to-left capability for Bootstrap 3, by employing new theming feature of it. Simply put its CSS after bootstrap's original CSS, to the pages designed by Bootstrap 3. It works just like an extension on top of the original Bootstrap:

<!-- Original Bootstrap 3.x -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap.css">

<!-- Bootstrap RTL Theme -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap-rtl.css">

Quick start

It's just like Bootstrap 3, nothing special. You can install it via bower:

  • Run bower install bootstrap-rtl-ondemand and latest version will be installed under bower_components/bootstrap-rtl/ directory.

In addition to bootstrap distribution, LESS codes for RTL theme and compiled CSS (bootstrap-rtl.css) are provided, as well as minified CSS (bootstrap-rtl.min.css). Check dist/ directory for all the codes you need.

Auto Flip (.flip)

To automatically flip placements from right to left and vice versa (in bilingual pages), use .flip alongside .pull-right and .pull-left. This is a custom class and is not available in the original Bootstrap 3.

Building CSS and JavaScript

Bootstrap RTL uses Grunt for working with the framework. Follow these simple steps to prepare and compile:

  1. Run npm install to download and prepare dependencies.
  2. Run grunt, and check dist/ directory for outputs.


Morteza Ansarinia

Michał Jastrzębowski


RTL Theme for Bootstrap v3.x activated with <html dir="rtl"> attribute on-the-fly.




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