Code samples for the book "Terraform: Up & Running" by Yevgeniy Brikman
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Terraform: Up & Running Code

This repo contains the code samples for the book Terraform: Up and Running by Yevgeniy Brikman.

Quick start

All the code is in the code folder. It is organized by language (terraform, bash, ruby, etc) and within each language, by chapter. Since this code comes from a book about Terraform, the vast majority of the code consists of Terraform examples in the code/terraform folder.

For instructions on running the code, please consult the README in each folder, and, of course, the Terraform: Up and Running book.

More examples

The example code in Terraform: Up and Running are mostly for Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is a project underway to translate these examples to their equivalents on other cloud providers, such as Google Cloud and Azure, here:


This code is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.