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RndPhrase: Auto-generated secure passwords.

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RndPhrase - Auto-generated secure passwords


This small addon will replace your everyday passwords with secure per domain passwords.


First, you need to prepare the addon you would like to install. Simply run one of the following:

    make firefox_addon
    make chrome_addon
    make conkeror_mode

Or, to make them all:


You may need to adjust the "CHROME" variable in Makefile to fit your environment.

After the addon has been packed it is ready to install. This can also be done automatically by:

    make firefox_install
    make chrome_install

For Conkeror, you will need to manually move the generated page mode into the correct folder, e.g.:

    mv build/conkeror/page-modes/rndphrase.js  /usr/share/conkeror/modules/page-modes


To activate the transformation of a password, simply prefix it with '@'. For example, the password 'lenny' is then typed as '@lenny'. This tag tells RndPhrase to process the password.


Bugs, issues or requests can be added at:

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