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Deprecated/No Maintainer

I no longer use this day to day and it has become something I can no longer maintain. Issues are closed on this repo, please feel free to reach out on twitter @TheBringKing if you need anything. I will keep the repo up for forks and clones.

Fork Notice

The requirejs-maven-plugin is being maintained on another fork. Please refer to for up to date releases and bug fixes.

RequireJS maven plugin

Builds javascript applications using the Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) pattern to define classes and dependencies between them. See:



The plugin has a very simple design. Just provide a js confg file for the optimization process as documented at

node support

Node.js is the fastest way to run the r.js optimizer. The plugin will try to detect if node is available and will use it if it is. You can also specify a path to the node executable if it's not in the path. If node cannot be found, the plugin falls back to the much slower rhino (or nashorn with java 8) nashorn js runtime.

forward/backward/sideways compatible

We'll make an effort to keep the r.js version embedded in the plugin up to date, but if we've fallen behind, or you need to work with an older or custom version for some reason, it's as simple as specifying the path to the script you want to use.

maven filtering

You can optionally tell the plugin to filter your config file with the standard maven filters giving you the ability to use properties defined in your pom file or by maven itself (but see the note below about relative paths).


Just add the plugin to your pom:

        <!-- optional path to a nodejs executable -->
        <!-- path to optimizer json config file(s) -->
        <!-- optional path to optimizer executable -->
        <!-- optional parameters to optimizer executable -->
        Whether or not to process configFile with maven filters.
        If you use this option, some options in your configFile
        must resolve to absolute paths (see below)
        <!-- Skip requirejs optimization if true -->

Goal: optimize

mvn requirejs:optimize

Uses the r.js optimizer to aggregate and minify your project. Dependencies should be defined using the Asynchronous Module Definition pattern, see the RequireJS documentation at:

The "optimize" goal is by default attached to the "process-classes" maven phase. It will go through all the js modules you have listed in your project configuration file, interpret the AMD dependencies each file has, aggregate and minify that entire dependency tree, and put the resulting minified filed in your output directory.

Optimization is configured using a json project configuration file. For details of the options available, see the RequireJS optimization documentation at:

Plugin Options


A set of parameters to add to the optimizer command line. See the rules here RequireJS optimizer basics But in a nutshell, anything added here will be combined with the config file, with the config file winning conflicts. This should allow you to make your build config file more generic and pass in maven project properties during executions.


Specifies which Javascript engine is used to execute the r.js optimizer. Can be either rhino, nashorn or nodejs, defaults to nodejs. When using nodejs, the plugin will try and detect the node executable. To customize the node executable's location, supply a path to the executable using nodeJsFile


An optional path to a nodejs executable. This should not be needed if node is in the system path as 'node' or 'nodejs';


The path to the config file that will be passed to the r.js optimizer. This is equivalent to the -o argument when runing r.js from the command line.


The path to the optimizer script (r.js) that will be run to optimize your app. If not provided, a default version packaged with the plugin. (currently v2.1.4)


Boolean option to indicate whether or not to run the config file through maven filters to replace tokens like ${basedir} (defaults to false)

The filtered file is generated at ${}/requirejs-config/filtered-build.js.

Important Note: The RequireJS optimizer searches for js files relative to the config file's path. Because filtering moves the effective config file to a new location, it is important that any 'baseUrl', 'appDir', or 'dir' options in your config resolve absolute paths. The easiest way to do that is to use the maven path variables like ${basedir} to prefix those potions.


If skip is set to true, optimization will be skipped. This may be useful for reducing build time if optimization is not needed. It can also be set via the command line with -Drequirejs.optimize.skip=true.