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A personal theater show tracker listing every show I have seen since 2010.
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TheaterLog is a theater show tracker. This web application tracks all of the musicals and plays that I have seen live since 2010.

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TheaterLog Screenshots


The tracker is built using Vue.js. The site consists of Show Cards that are created for each show seen. In the top hero section, there are statistics (number of shows seen, number of musicals seen, etc) as well as a guide to the review emojis.

Show Cards

Each show generates a card that includes the following:

  • The show name (that links to the offical show website or the archive site for the show)
  • The theater and city of the show
  • The month and year
  • A label indicating if the show is a musical or a play
  • Opinion Stickers:
    • A star if a show is a favorite
    • An emoji representing my review of the show
    • A numbered card displaying the number of times I have seen that particular show
  • If a musical, my favorite song from the show (at the time of viewing) will be displayed. This will link to a video performance of the show (if avaliable)
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