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@web : (FR)
@License: open source, free to download & fork ^^
@languages: French/Spanish and English 
@apoligizes: please forget about my english (learned from american & british series ;-) 
@status: beta 

what's that ?
This is an app to easily store, manage & share your snippets.

How to install ?
Just put the files on a server and access to index.php.
When you first run it, the app ask you a login&pass, creates the pass.php file & the config.dat file.
Thats'all !

Things already done:
- lightweight & easy to understand code
- create, delete, edit & share snippets
- classified by tags
- coloured tags (with css)
- embed snippets into a blog
- private/public status
- config page
- english , french & spanish: very easy to add a new language 
- all the app is in one php file (starting configuration, templates, function, core, post & get handling, rss etc.) less than 50ko...
- filtered rss feeds: new snippets feeds, one feed for each tag or search rss feed (multiple tags & search allowed)
- admin space (easily created when you first start the app) 
- highlight.js included (but not essential)
- jquip (30ko) and not jquery 
- a cache (cleared only if you add/edit/delete/change status) 
- a multiselection tag option
- search for more than one word
- bookmarklet to get snippets from a web page
- backup/retore/import from/to a snippet.dat file
- an option to create a snippet package when you start a brand new project
- skin system
- an automatic update system (and restore)
- a log file to keep an eye on access & changes
- a home page customizable message

Todo list:
- help & doc ;-)
- optimize code & css (surely a big pain in the ass final task ^^)
- crypt the data file ?

Nothing yet (I'm searching ^^)


Store, share & manage your snippets easily



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