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Submitting Talk

Who can submit talks to BrooklynJS

We welcome & encourage everyone to submit talk! Whether you have been writing JavaScript for 20 years or few days, experienced or 1st time* speaker, we want to hear that you are excited about.

*Our speaker alumni includes Jenna Zeigen (@zeigenvector), Drew Petersen (@KirbySaysHi), Sarah Saltrick Meyer (@meyerini), Byron Hulcher (@hypirlink) & many more who gave their 1st talk at BrooklynJS then started speaking at different meetups and conferences. If you have never spoken before we would love you to submit talk!

How Do I submit talks ?

(TBD on workflow)

What would be a good talk topics?

(TBD on workfrok)

What do Speakers get?

  • 1 Boroughgramming* ticket (Free) for you to attend
  • 1 regular BrooklynJS ticket ($15) so your guest don't have to hassle to get ticket
  • 10 min to present what you are excited about in front of 100 borough-mates
  • (travel assistance for out of town speakers**)

*If you'd like to come co-work with 30 of borough-mates with bottomless coffee and catered lunch, please be our guest! (We start at 10AM at the same space we run BrooklynJS)

**If you are visiting us from outside of NYC metro area, we provide upto $150 in travel assistance.

I have more questions about submitting talks, what should I do?

Please feel free to ping us on twitter @kosamari @willmanduffy @brianloveswords @paladique @jennschiffer or email us at

Speaking at BrooklynJS

We are excited to have you as speaker! Here is few things to keep in mind when you are making your talk. If you have any question or want to discuss your talk with organizers, please feel free to ping us !

How long is my talk?

Each talk is 10 min. We'll have countdown clock on the wall for your reference.

Speaker Checklist


Because of seating arrangement, only top 2/3 of your slide is visible from the back.(It looks like this.)Please keep that in mind when you are making slides.

If you are live coding or showing your terminal etc, please keep your font size LARGE!


We have...

  • WiFi
  • VGA
  • VGA to Thunderbolt adapters (Please bring any adapters if you need special one) We can also bring portable speaker if you have audio demo (Please let us know in advance)
    If you have any other needs for your talk, feel free to contact organizers. (@kosamari, @willmanduffy, or @paladique)


Once the event starts, we'll have musical guest in between talks. Please come up to front and setup for presentation while they are playing intermission.
If you want to test out slides/equipment etc, feel free to do so before the event.