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Python library for accessing the local Mendeley sqlite3 database.
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Python package for accessing Mendeley's local sqlite3 database

pymendeley retrieves reference information from Mendeley's local sqlite3 database.

Install using:

sudo pip install

Dump a list of all references:

import mendeley
import operator

db = mendeley.MendeleyDatabaseInterface()
references = db.get_references()


for ref in references:

Partial output of result:

Uppal - 1993 - A general equilibrium model of international portfolio choice
Valenzuela - 2010 - Rollover Risk and Corporate Bond Spreads
Vasicek - 1977 - An equilibrium characterization of the term structure
Veldhuizen - 1995 - Expression Templates
Verousis, ap Gwilym - 2010 - An improved algorithm for cleaning Ultra High-Frequency data
Waggoner - 1997 - Spline Methods for Extracting Interest Rate Curves from Coupon Bond Prices
Wang, Zhou, Guan - 2011 - Detecting Collusive Cliques in Futures Markets Based on Trading Behaviors
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