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Participatory Networking
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     _______  ____     ____   ___ _______
    /  __  / / __ \    |   \  | | | _____|
   /  /_/ / / /__\ \   | |\ \ | | | |___
  / _____/ / ______ \  | | \ \| | |  __|
 / /      / /      \ \ | |  \ \ | | |____
/_/      /_/        \_\|_|   \__| |______|


PANE is a prototype OpenFlow controller which implements Participatory Networking, an API for end-users, hosts and applications to take part in network management. PANE allows these principals to directly contact the network control-plane to place requests for resources, provide hints about future traffic, or query the state of the network. PANE divides and delegates authority for network management using a hierarchy of "shares," which are also managed by interacting with the PANE server.

Code Layout

/src/ (Haskell source code)

/src/Main.hs (Execution entry point)

/scripts/ (Support scripts for PANE)

/tests/ (Relatively basic traces of client-PANE interaction)

/mn-tests/ (More sophisticated tests run using Mininet)

/coq/ (Correctness proofs developed with Coq proof assistant)

/client-libs/ (Client libraries, see client-libs/ for more info)

Building PANE

PANE requires:

It can be built using the following commands:

$ cabal configure --enable-test
$ cabal build

which is equivalent to running make in the top-level directory. After compiling, the provided pane symlink will link to the build output.

PANE has been built successfully on Mac OS X (10.6 and up) and Ubuntu (10.04 and up).


PANE is part of the participatory networking research project at Brown University. While still a research prototype, our primary internet connectivity has been provided by a PANE-controlled OpenFlow network since early February 2012.


PANE is provided under the 3-clause BSD license. See the file LICENSE for more details.

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