Using R in Hydrology - EGU2017 Short Course
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Using R in Hydrology - EGU2017 Short Course by YHS
Instructors: Shaun Harrigan, Katie Smith, Berry Boessenkool and Daniel Klotz
Organizer: Berry Boessenkool, Potsdam University (Germany),

You are invited to post and discuss questions in the Hydrology in R Facebook group.


This course is directed primarily at hydrologists interested in using R for their research. You will get (a) an impression of how powerful R is as a tool and (b) all the code to get started yourself. The following topics are covered:

  • Good coding practice, report generation (Rstudio, rmarkdown, R notebook)
  • Using R as GIS (reading a rainfall shapefile + Kriging, sf + leaflet + mapview + OSMscale)
  • River discharge time-series visualisation and extreme value statistics (animation + extremeStat)
  • Hydrological modelling with airGR
  • Trend Analysis in R (trend + hydroTSM)


You can rightclick - Save as the html notebook with R output and then open the html document in a regular browser.
For smartphones, you can try the pdf (without the interactive graphs).

To get all the material including the datasets and presentation source code, we recommend to download the whole github course repository.


You can check if your laptop is prepared for the course by running the checkpc script in your R console:


This will give instructions if packages are missing / outdated.


More resources and R installation instructions at