Naive bimap implementation in Rust.
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This is an implementation of a bimap done using two hashmaps.

I cannot speak to its speed or size or any characteristics you care about if you care about code metrics. Use this when you need a bimap, and performance doesn't matter.

If another bimap implementation comes outs by somebody else, it'll probably be better than this. If you want to make a better one, feel free to decide upon iface characteristics. If you want to improve this one, send a pull request.

Iface: bimap

  • get_key(V) -> K;
  • find_key(V) -> option;
  • remove_key(V) -> option;

These three methods are the same as their map counterparts, except they return or remove entries based on known values.

In this library, only hashbimap implements bimap.

Type: hashbimap

  • Implements std::map::map
  • Implements bimap::bimap
  • { kv: hashmap<K, V>, vk: hashmap<V, K> }

Basic implementation of a bimap using two hashmaps. Not very efficient, but real easy to write.


fn bimap<K: const copy, V: const copy> (fn (K) -> uint, fn (K, K) -> bool, fn (V) -> uint, fn (V, V) -> bool) -> hashbimap<K, V>

The functions in order, are hash_key, eql_key, hash_value, eql_value.


The following people have helped me out with the bimap:

  • z0w0
  • ehold
  • jld
  • nmatsakis