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@brugal brugal released this Dec 27, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

12.3 2019-12-27

  • ioquake3 patches
  • bug fix: fx camera vibration not working when camera path playing
  • 64-bit builds
  • disable unix tty console for clients, can be enabled with '--console-active' command line
  • bug fix: unix backtrace code memory leak
  • update Windows backtrace library (memory leak, display formatting, relocateable address support, print exception information)
  • include Info.plist in Mac OS X client binary to set NSHighResolutionCapable=false
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@brugal brugal released this Nov 3, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release

Mac OS X 64-bit build

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@brugal brugal released this Jul 16, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

  • ioquake3 patches
  • bug fix: fx camera vibration not working when camera path playing
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@brugal brugal released this Apr 26, 2019 · 16 commits to master since this release

12.2 2019-04-26

  • bug fix: UI_SERVER_OWNER not implemented

  • bug fix: warm up string using cg_drawWaitingForPlayersFont instead of cg_drawWarmupStringFont

  • bug fix: incorrect client parsing of map items for older quake live maps that use digit values with 'not_gametype'

  • bug fix: incorrect server parsing of map items for older quake live maps that use digit values with 'not_gametype'

  • bug fix: incorrect server parsing of map items for 'race' gametype

  • bug fix: incorrect client parsing of map items when 'not_gametype' set to '1f'

  • bug fix: incorrect client parsing of map items when 'not_gametype' set to 'ob'

  • support for 'overload' (GT_OBELISK) gametype string for client and server map item parsing

  • bug fix: crash parsing map items with cpma ntf, cpma 2v2, cpma hoony mode, and single player modes

  • g_ammoPack to use or ignore 'ammo_pack' items

  • g_ammoPackHack to substitute other 'ammo_' types with 'ammo_pack'

  • bug fix: typo in 'Heavy Bullets' pickup name

  • bug fix: bg item list 'ammoregen' changed to 'armorregen'

  • bug fix: bg item list hmg missing starting ammo

  • bug fix: bg item list "Doubler" changed to "Damage" to match quake live

  • bug fix: bg item list hmg bullets missing quantity

  • bug fix: multiple item pickups generated with /devmap and cg_predictItems 1

  • added help message for /devmap, /printentitystate, /printnextentitystate

  • cg_showmiss set as archived cvar

  • ioquake3 patches:

    • Add r_parallaxMapShadows
  • bug fix: bots wouldn't crouch/movedown

  • /chase and /view commands changed so that -1 needs to be set explicitly to disable chase or view mode. If no entity is specified, a help message is printed to the console.

  • /chase command without entity specified also prints x, y, and z offsets

  • /chase without x, y, and z offsets specified keeps previously set values

  • /chase option to set x and y offsets based on range and angle

  • console help message added for /echopopupcvar

  • bug fix: incorrect help message for /printentitydistance

  • /testreplace debugging function removed

  • cg_chaseMovementKeys enables changing x, y, and z offsets using movement keys when cg_chaseThirdPerson is not used. Changes are based on view angles.

  • cg_chaseThirdPerson to enable third person options with /chase

  • cg_chaseUpdateFreeCam to enable updating freecam position and angles in chase mode

  • cg_thirdPersonMaxPitch, cg_thirdPersonMaxPlayerPitch, cg_thirdPersonFocusDistance, cg_thirdPersonOffsetZ, cg_thirdPersonPlayerOffsetZ, cg_thirdPersonPitchScale, cg_thirdPersonPlayerPitchScale, cg_thirdPersonAvoidSolid, cg_thirdPersonAvoidSolidSize, cg_thirdPersonPlayerCrouchHeightChange, cg_thirdPersonNoMoveAngles, cg_thirdPersonNoMoveUsePreviousAngles, cg_thirdPersonUseEntityAngles

  • cg_thirdPerson* cvars set to archive

  • cg_thirdPersonRange default changed to 80 to match quake live

  • cg_thirdPersonMovementKeys allow changing range, z offset, and angle with movement keys

  • cg_autoChaseMissile automatically switch to freecam and chase missiles

  • cg_autoChaseMissileFilter whitespace separated list of weapon tokens that can be chased

  • +speed support in freecam mode

  • bug fix: com_autoWriteConfig value not checked from fx code

  • doc typo: com_autoWriteConfig listed as cg_autoWriteConfig

  • bug fix: invalid parsing of cg_damagePlum tokens

  • bug fix: cpma mvd demos didn't show mega health wear off time correctly

  • bug fix: promode settings not detected with older cpma demos that use 'server_promode' instead of 'server_gameplay' server info string

  • cg_drawClientItemTimerForceMegaHealthWearOff for use with demos were mega health wear off behavior can't automatically be detected

  • older cpma demos that don't have 'server_gameplay' or 'server_promode' server strings default to promode settings

  • kamikaze added to client side weapon stats

  • bug fix: /devmap shows null shader player sprite after initial connection

  • client side step prediction changed to match server not sending EV_STEP events like quake live

  • r_ignoreShaderNoMipMaps debugging cvar to ignore "nomipmaps" shader directive

  • r_ignoreShaderNoPicMip debugging cvar to ignore "nopicmip" shader directive

  • wolfcam_painHealth option to use server pain events to update health value for followed players that normally don't have health information available

  • wolfcam_painHealthColor hud color when pain event is used to determine health value

  • wolfcam_painHealthAlpha hud alpha value when pain event is used to determine health

  • wolfcam_painHealthFade and wolfcam_painHealthFadeTime for hud fading of pain event health value

  • wolfcam_painHealthValidTime how long after pain event health value is valid

  • wolfcam_painHealthStyle checks demo protocol to determine if only '-' is shown for max health value

  • bug fix: divide by zero calculating color fade

  • bug fix: remove console spam with 0 health pain events

  • bug fix: invisible player cpma and osp player names in team overlay and spectator list

  • bug fix: cg_colorCodeWhiteUseForegroundColor and cg_colorCodeUseForegroundAlpha were being used outside of hud code

  • bug fix: cg_colorCodeUseForegroundAlpha 0 prevented obituary fading

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@brugal brugal released this Jan 15, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

12.1 2019-01-15

  • menus work even if window doesn't have mouse grab

  • bug fix: info screen calculated string widths incorrectly

  • info screen centered messages use entire screen width

  • long info screen messages try to break at space points instead of inside a word

  • identify defrag demo in info and loading screen


  • removed 'RED - ' and 'BLUE - ' prefixes for CG_[RED|BLUE]_PLAYER_COUNT to match quake live

  • use 'Players' instead of 'PLAYERS' for CG_[RED|BLUE]_PLAYER_COUNT to match quake live

  • prepend 'Following - ' string to CG_FOLLOW_PLAYER_NAME to match quake live

  • don't draw count for CG_[RED|BLUE]_CLAN_PLYRS in non-team games to match quake live

  • bug fix: CG_GAME_LIMIT didn't take gametype into account

  • bug fix: demo seeking didn't calculate correctly if round had started with newer quake live demos

  • CG_[RED|BLUE]_TIMEOUT_COUNT only draw if g_timeoutcount is greater than zero to match quake live

  • bug fix: remove console spamming if CG_[RED|BLUE]_TEAM_MAP_PICKUPS used outside of tdm or ctf

  • bug fix: if camera is set to update freecam position, mouse movements during camera playback would change view after playback is done

  • bug fix: don't spam console if itemDef widescreen is WIDESCREEN_STRETCH and menuDef widescreen is not the same

  • cg_wideScreen 5 (Quake Live widescreen setting) doesn't stretch text even if WIDESCREEN_STRETCH is used. This matches Quake Live's behavior. Previous behavior of stretching text can be enabled with cg_wideScreen 6.

  • cg_wideScreen 7 added which works like Quake Live setting (5) but is also bug compatible

  • default 'widescreen' value for user huds (cg_hudFiles) changed from WIDESCREEN_CENTER to WIDESCREEN_STRETCH to match Quake Live's behavior. Other menus (ex: scoreboards, etc.) use WIDESCREEN_CENTER as the default.

  • bug fix: CG_MATCH_WINNER had incorrect word spacing with center and right alignment

  • bug fix: CG_MATCH_WINNER not showing lead message outside of intermission

  • bug fix: invalid hud align value would prevent drawing text

  • bug fix: CG_GAME_STATUS not rendering status for non-team games

  • CG_KILLER value isn't reset after first scoreboard after death is shown to match quake live

  • bug fix: CG_KILLER ITEM_ALIGN_CENTER used incorrect vertical position

  • bug fix: CG_KILLER drew weapon icon in incorrect position with ITEM_ALIGN_RIGHT

  • bug fix: CG_[ACCURACY|ASSISTS|DEFEND|EXCELLENT|IMPRESSIVE|PERFECT|GAUNTLET|CAPTURES] incorrectly based text spacing on the rectangle size

  • added WCG_PLAYER_OBIT which is the same as CG_PLAYER_OBIT but supports align setting

  • added WCG_AREA_NEW_CHAT which is the same as CG_AREA_NEW_CHAT but supports align setting

  • bug fix: incorrect right and center alignment for frag/obit token rendering

  • bug fix: CG_MATCH_END_CONDITION text didn't match quake live

  • bug fix: CG_[BLUE|RED]_FLAGSTATUS rendered in Harvester game type

  • bug fix: /follow didn't show harvester skulls in hud

  • bug fix: CG_PLAYER_SCORE, CG_[BLUE|RED]_FLAGSTATUS ignore 'shader' to match quake live

  • bug fix: CG_ONEFLAG_STATUS used 'taken' instead of 'stolen' icon

  • bug fix: incorrect 1fctf flags status detection with ql protocol 91 demos

  • bug fix: CG_ONEFLAG_STATUS added blue or red color to icon

  • WCG_[BLUE|RED]FLAGSTATUS_COLOR, WCG_ONEFLAG_STATUS_COLOR same as CG[BLUE|RED]_FLAGSTATUS, CG_ONEFLAG_STATUS but colorize icon according to cg_hud[Blue|Red|No]TeamColor

  • bug fix: cg_flagStyle 1 was only being applied to carried flags, not dropped ones or at base

  • bug fix: ctf used 'stolen' instead of 'taken' shader

  • bug fix: CG_AREA_POWERUP incorrect scale for powerup icon

  • bug fix: CG_AREA_POWERUP incorrect icon for kill counter

  • bug fix: default texscale was 0.22 instead of 0.55 (matches quake live)

  • cg_powerupBlink (enable or disable icon blinking when time is running out)

  • bug fix: CG_AREA_POWERUP would always use rectangle width to increment distance between multiple powerups (for both HUD_VERTICAL and HUD_HORIZONTAL)

  • cg_powerupBlink (enable or disable icon blinking when time is running out)

  • bug fix: CG_AREA_POWERUP kill counter icon size based on textscale instead of rectangle size

  • bug fix: CG_AREA_POWERUP kill counter icon position and text weren't connected to countdown text

  • bug fix: CG_PLAYER_HEALTH_BAR_200 and CG_PLAYER_ARMOR_BAR_200 drawing incorrect value

  • bug fix: CG_TEAM_COLORIZED didn't use alpha value

  • cg_overallFontScale scaling value applied to all fonts before rendering

  • bug fix: CG_PLYR_END_GAME_SCORE didn't ignore 'rank tied' status for duel and ffa

  • bug fix: /devamp with harvester game type would crash when player dies

  • don't add server skill rating to CG_MAP_NAME in scoreboards for older demos

  • bug fix: CG_SELECTED_PLYR_TEAM_COLOR used current player instead of selected one

  • bug fix: CG_SELECTED_PLYR_TEAM_COLOR didn't use alpha color value

  • bug fix: CG_SELECTED_PLYR_TEAM_COLOR only worked for blue and red teams

  • CG_SELECTED_PLYR_TEAM_COLOR uses cg_hud[Blue|Red|No]TeamColor

  • bug fix: CG_PLAYER_COUNTS use max clients instead of max team size for team games

  • WCG_ROUNDTIMER same as CG_ROUNDTIMER but it doesn't ignore text color and alpha

  • doc fix: cg_hud[Blue|Red|No]TeamColor is applied with CT_TEAM_COLORIZED not CG_TEAM_COLOR

  • bug fix: CG_FOLLOW_PLAYER_NAME_EX didn't colorize name

  • WCG_FOLLOW_PLAYER_NAME_EX same as CG_FOLLOW_PLAYER_NAME_EX but it doesn't colorize name in team games

  • cg_hud[Blue|Red|No]TeamColor defaults changed to match quake live

  • cg_hudNeutralTeamColor added for WCG_ONEFLAG_STATUS_COLOR and neutral flag

  • cg_obituary[Red|Blue]TeamColor renamed to cg_text[Red|Blue]TeamColor since it is also used outside of obituaries, default colors changed to match quake live

  • but fix: "notosans-regular" and "droidsansmono" fonts scaled by an addtional 0.8 value to match quake live

  • cg_autoFontScalingThreshold default changed to 24 to match quake live

  • bug fix: ownerdrawvalue for CG_HARVESTER_SKULLS didn't return correct value for /follow'ed player

  • bug fix: ownerdrawvalue didn't use selected score for CG_ACCURACY, CG_ASSISTS, CG_DEFEND, CG_EXCELLENT, CG_IMPRESSIVE, CG_PERFECT, CG_GAUNTLET, CG_CAPTURES

  • bug fix: ownerdrawvalue didn't use correct value for /follow'ed player in duel or with cpma mvd

  • support for CG_1STPLACE_PLYR_MODEL

  • bug fix: 3d hud models were always drawn below other hud elements and missing in menu screens

  • bug fix: debug commands, image and model loading could corrupt video recording

  • bug fix: r_debugSurface wasn't working in opengl1 renderer (note: not implemented in opengl2 renderer)

  • mme_blurType default changed to gaussian

  • update q3mme blur code. Added mme_blurStrength, mme_cpuSSE2, mme_blurJitter

  • mme_blurFrames and mme_blurOverlap limited to 256

  • bug fix: changing mme_blurType would only reset one of 'left' or 'right' with split video saving

  • bug fix: memory corruption if mme_blurFrames + mme_blurOverlap were greater than 256

  • bug fix: renderergl2 shutdown didn't delete bloom and backbuffer textures

  • q3mme dof: mme_dofFrames and mme_dofRadius

    • added mme_dofVisualize in order to see final rendering
    • added cg_q3mmeDofMarker to enable/disable ingame dof marker
    • added /saveq3mmedof and /loadq3mmedof
    • added /dof [list|info]
    • '/dof target' changed to accept integer value (-1 clears target)
  • bug fix: opengl2 renderer crash if '{font}' frag token used

  • cg_colorCodeWhiteUseForegroundColor in huds, this controls whether white ('^7') color code forces white or uses foreground color.

  • cg_colorCodeUseForegroundAlpha in huds, this controls whether use of of color codes overrides foreground alpha setting.


  • bug fix: CG_MATCH_DETAILS missing game type

  • bug fix: CG_MATCH_DETAILS truncated long text

  • bug fix: CG_1ST_PLYR_READY and CG_2ND_PLYR_READY missing status text

  • WCG_1ST_PLYR_READY and WCG_2ND_PLYR_READY which are the same as CG_1ST_PLYR_READY and CG_2ND_PLYR_READY but don't add the status text

  • bug fix: CG_ARMORTIERED_COLORIZED didn't set foreground alpha correctly

  • bug fix: CG_[BLUE|RED]_TEAM_MAP_PICKUPS didn't use text style correctly

  • bug fix: CG_[BLUE|RED]_TEAM_MAP_PICKUPS didn't use foreground text color

  • bug fix: CG_[1ST|2ND]_PLYR_PICKUPS didn't use text style for timer info

  • bug fix: CG_[1ST|2ND]_PLYR_PICKUPS didn't use foreground text color

  • bug fix: CG_[1ST|2ND]_PLYR_PICKUPS didn't use align

  • bug fix: CG_[1ST|2ND]_PLYR_PICKUPS used height instead of width to calculate count x position

  • bug fix: CG_[1ST|2ND]_PLYR_PICKUPS used width instead of text scale to calculate timing x position

  • bug fix: CG_[BLUE|RED]_OWNED_FLAGS didn't check game type

  • bug fix: CG_ROUND, CG_TEAM_PLYR_COUNT, CG_ENEMY_PLYR_COUNT, CG_RACE_STATUS, and CG_RACE_TIMES rendering didn't check for valid game types

  • bug fix: domination control point count and red/blue player alive count not set when demo playback starts or video is reset

  • bug fix: opengl2 renderer 'animMap' limit 8 instead of 2048 (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • ioquake3 patches

    • Fix SDL audio playback with surround sound
  • bug fix: r_singleShader was being used for weather shaders

  • r_singleShaderIgnore[num] option to exclude shaders from having r_singlShader applied with it

  • bug fix: cg_weather wasn't marked as a latched cvar

  • cg_weather renamed to r_weather

  • bug fix: con_scale scaling font height incorrectly

  • bug fix: reduce memory usage with mme_blurFrames

  • error message indicating whether opening a file for writing failed due to system file open call

  • bug fix: premature memory allocation failure with mme blur

  • bug fix: fix vid_restart crash if /devamp and /demo are both used in the command line and both use the same map

  • bug fix: incorrect playback rate for stereo sound files

  • bug fix: round count down sometimes not working after demo seeking

  • bug fix: invalid utf8 characters could lead to wrong color for text rendering

  • bug fix: control character in string could lead to infinite loop when rendering

  • bug fix: invalid string length calculation with utf8

  • allow playback of demos with corrupt message length (up to the point of the corrupt packet)

  • com_brokenDemo this is set on the command line and tries to continue parsing of demo files that have errors

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@brugal brugal released this Dec 5, 2018 · 22 commits to master since this release

renderer2 rectangle screen program compile error fix

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@brugal brugal released this Nov 29, 2018 · 23 commits to master since this release

memory allocation fixes for q3mme blur and dof, fix incorrect colors for blur or dof png capture

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@brugal brugal released this Nov 13, 2018 · 24 commits to master since this release

fix flickering with mme dof, fix con_scale height scaling, ioquake3 patches

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@brugal brugal released this Oct 26, 2018 · 25 commits to master since this release

test for q3mme dof and r_singleShader fixes

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@brugal brugal released this Jun 21, 2018 · 31 commits to master since this release

12.0 2018-06-21

  • update to jpeg-8c

  • bug fix: videos and screenshots could be corrupted if video width wasn't divisible by 4

  • jpeg video capture doesn't force GL_RGBA fetch mode

  • add to documentation that png output and/or motion blur force GL_RGBA fetch mode

  • ioquake3 fixes and patches

    • third person player sounds don't play at full volume
    • OpenAL fixes (crash, ogg fallback)
    • IQM model support
    • SDL audio capture
  • bug fix: disconnect icon didn't match lagometer x, y, scale, and align settings

  • bug fix: draw selected player name didn't detect clan tag correctly

  • bug fix: invalid check if camera point command exists

  • bug fix: invalid check for followed player and cg_racePlayerShader

  • update documentation for cg_racePlayerShader

  • bug fix: 'out of ammo' sound played when player dies (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: snapshot look ahead didn't work voip demos

  • bug fix: snapshot look ahead didn't check if demo message didn't have a snapshot

  • remove "CL_PeekSnapshot buf.cursize == -1" spam

  • bug fix: voip sounds played during initial demo parsing

  • bug fix: illegible server message error when recording a demo from a demo with voip packets

  • support for libpseex voip data in protocol 70 and 71 demos

  • support for opus voip data

  • opus used as voip codec

  • bug fix: recording demo from demo could use wrong protocol extension in demo name

  • bug fix: installer missing voip-readme.txt

  • version renamed to version.txt

  • bug fix: png file depth capture incorrectly determined if alpha channel was present

  • bug fix: Unix console tty buffer didn't store input key correctly

  • utf8 support for Unix console tty input

  • update to SDL2

  • bug fix: stack corruption setting dpi awareness in Windows

  • bug fix: possible corruption reading value of fs_steamcmd

  • bug fix: /minimize command didn't work

  • bug fix: crosshair health and armor for teammates was showing 0/0 with protocol 91 demos

  • --console-passive command line option to disable unix tty console

  • bug fix: don't show crosshair scan name and info for dead players

  • bug fix: overbright was disabled for screenshots and videos if video card didn't support gamma correction

  • bug fix: error setting glsl variable would cause an infinite video restart loop

  • compile fix: add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to all platforms (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: r_mapGreyScale and r_greyscaleValue not latched

  • bug fix: grapple chain could render null axis

  • doc fix: com_timescalesafe documentation in wrong place

  • remove console spamming when r_anaglyphMode is used

  • bug fix: split analaglyph video recording would sometimes only record one channel

  • test3d variable doesn't need to be set to record split anaglyph video

  • ioquake3 opengl2 renderer

  • include 64-bit Windows libfreetype.a (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: overtime clock stayed at zero for game types besides duel, tdm, ca, and ft (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • CG_OVERTIME owner draw also shows number of overtimes (matches quake live)

  • cg_levelTimerOvertimeReset 0: (default) shows total overtime amount, 1: shows current overtime amount

  • bug fix: CG_OVERTIME ownerdraw required CG_LEVELTIMER to be used

  • bug fix: r_fullscreen 1 wouldn't fit game screen correctly (em92 Eugene Molotov : via ioquake3 patch)

  • bug fix: rendering timing debug values were incorrect if timescale was used

  • bug fix: pausing would cause cinematic videos to exit

  • bug fix: renderer shader times incorrect when recording videos (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • /cinematic_restart [all | ] to restart videos (applies to current cinematic video and videoMap shaders)

  • /cinematiclist command to list currently loaded cinematics

  • bug fix: loading an ingame videoMap shader would close the console

  • bug fix: initial cinematic playing didn't check if a video handle was available

  • bug fix: function key binds in console didn't work if cinematic was playing

  • bug fix: large cinematic frame size could overflow buffer

  • bug fix: initial cinematic frame size wasn't validated

  • more than one videoMap shader can be played at the same time

  • fast forward and rewind works for cinematic videos

  • cl_cinematicIgnoreSeek to allow or disable seeking with videoMap shaders

  • bug fix: round based games didn't ignore g_overtime value (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • --no-dpi-aware option removed. DPI awareness is set through program manifest

  • bug fix: Windows version didn't disable screen blanking correctly

  • 'wcrealtime' general shader keyword added. This allows shader time updated using real time instead of time adjusted for timescale, pause, and video frames.

  • 'screenMap' shader option from Quake3e. This allows mirror like effects. See README-wolfcamql.txt for more information.

  • voip data can be added to demo recorded from another demo

  • cl_voipOverallGain to control voip volume for all senders

  • /voip gain also works with spatial clients

  • bug fix: sound stream playback was choppy

  • bug fix: initial playback of mono cinematic sound stream missing reset

  • cl_freezeDemoPauseMusic to control whether music is stopped when demo is paused

  • bug fix: demo seeking could cause random sound stream data to be played

  • cpma mvd support for health, armor, and ammo hud information

  • bug fix: with /follow q3 hud would still draw powerup information for demo taker

  • cg_drawCpmaMvdIndicator*

  • bug fix: /follow q3 hud wouldn't show weapon icon if cg_draw3dIcons == 0

  • bug fix: /follow could still switch away to another view with cpma mvd or ql protocol 91 free spec demos

  • bug fix: ui/ didn't show infinite ammo icon

  • bug fix: ui/ incorrect visibility settings for ammo values

  • 'textReset' itemdef command to remove text entry in menu

  • 'backgroundReset' itemdef and menudef command to remove background image

  • bug fix: team overlay wasn't showing with /follow in free spec demos

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show players left with red rover and ad/ctfs game types

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show number of captured domination control points

  • bug fix: hud didn't show number of captured domination control points for protocol 91 demos

  • q3 hud uses millisecond precision for race scores

  • cg_drawRaceTime to show race score in q3 hud

  • draw scores in q3 hud uses latest score info for /follow

  • bug fix: q3 scoreboard not showing score and ping in cpma duel

  • bug fix: free float spectator not showing second score in q3 hud

  • bug fix: q3 hud incorrectly calculated first place score

  • bug fix: free spec demos and cpma mvd demos would draw spectators as first and second place

  • cpma mvd ffa shows rank for followed player

  • CG_SHOW_IF_PLYR[12] evaulates to true for demo playback to allow showing pickups for both duel players


  • bug fix: gametype set incorrectly for older cpma demos

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show powerups with /follow

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show carried flag with /follow

  • bug fix: q3 hud scoreboard didn't show killer name with /follow

  • bug fix: q3 hud scoreboard didn't show rank string with /follow

  • local time no longer added to CG_GAME_STATUS

  • cg_drawJumpSpeeds and cg_drawJumpSpeedsTime work with /follow

  • cpma >= 1.50 key press information supported

  • cpma >= 1.50 duel forfeit information

  • bug fix: cpma Hoony Mode missing gametype icon in hud

  • bug fix: cpma Hoony Mode not treated as a duel game type

  • add duel forfeit indicator for q3 hud endgame scoreboard

  • bug fix: use correct flag sounds for cpma NTF (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: loading flag models and sounds for cpma NTF gametype (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • remove console spamming for some known cpma server commands

  • bug fix: invalid cpma score if powerups were used in duel

  • bug fix: don't draw key press info for dead or invalid players

  • s_sdlWindowsForceDirectSound, needed for video recording and playback if wsapi reports more than 2 channels

  • cl_voipGainOtherPlayback to control the volume of other sounds while voip is playing back (only with sdl audio)

  • ui_demoSortDirFirst to list directories first in demo listing

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