@brugal brugal released this Jun 21, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

12.0 2018-06-21

  • update to jpeg-8c

  • bug fix: videos and screenshots could be corrupted if video width wasn't divisible by 4

  • jpeg video capture doesn't force GL_RGBA fetch mode

  • add to documentation that png output and/or motion blur force GL_RGBA fetch mode

  • ioquake3 fixes and patches

    • third person player sounds don't play at full volume
    • OpenAL fixes (crash, ogg fallback)
    • IQM model support
    • SDL audio capture
  • bug fix: disconnect icon didn't match lagometer x, y, scale, and align settings

  • bug fix: draw selected player name didn't detect clan tag correctly

  • bug fix: invalid check if camera point command exists

  • bug fix: invalid check for followed player and cg_racePlayerShader

  • update documentation for cg_racePlayerShader

  • bug fix: 'out of ammo' sound played when player dies (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: snapshot look ahead didn't work voip demos

  • bug fix: snapshot look ahead didn't check if demo message didn't have a snapshot

  • remove "CL_PeekSnapshot buf.cursize == -1" spam

  • bug fix: voip sounds played during initial demo parsing

  • bug fix: illegible server message error when recording a demo from a demo with voip packets

  • support for libpseex voip data in protocol 70 and 71 demos

  • support for opus voip data

  • opus used as voip codec

  • bug fix: recording demo from demo could use wrong protocol extension in demo name

  • bug fix: installer missing voip-readme.txt

  • version renamed to version.txt

  • bug fix: png file depth capture incorrectly determined if alpha channel was present

  • bug fix: Unix console tty buffer didn't store input key correctly

  • utf8 support for Unix console tty input

  • update to SDL2

  • bug fix: stack corruption setting dpi awareness in Windows

  • bug fix: possible corruption reading value of fs_steamcmd

  • bug fix: /minimize command didn't work

  • bug fix: crosshair health and armor for teammates was showing 0/0 with protocol 91 demos

  • --console-passive command line option to disable unix tty console

  • bug fix: don't show crosshair scan name and info for dead players

  • bug fix: overbright was disabled for screenshots and videos if video card didn't support gamma correction

  • bug fix: error setting glsl variable would cause an infinite video restart loop

  • compile fix: add -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to all platforms (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: r_mapGreyScale and r_greyscaleValue not latched

  • bug fix: grapple chain could render null axis

  • doc fix: com_timescalesafe documentation in wrong place

  • remove console spamming when r_anaglyphMode is used

  • bug fix: split analaglyph video recording would sometimes only record one channel

  • test3d variable doesn't need to be set to record split anaglyph video

  • ioquake3 opengl2 renderer

  • include 64-bit Windows libfreetype.a (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: overtime clock stayed at zero for game types besides duel, tdm, ca, and ft (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • CG_OVERTIME owner draw also shows number of overtimes (matches quake live)

  • cg_levelTimerOvertimeReset 0: (default) shows total overtime amount, 1: shows current overtime amount

  • bug fix: CG_OVERTIME ownerdraw required CG_LEVELTIMER to be used

  • bug fix: r_fullscreen 1 wouldn't fit game screen correctly (em92 Eugene Molotov : via ioquake3 patch)

  • bug fix: rendering timing debug values were incorrect if timescale was used

  • bug fix: pausing would cause cinematic videos to exit

  • bug fix: renderer shader times incorrect when recording videos (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • /cinematic_restart [all | ] to restart videos (applies to current cinematic video and videoMap shaders)

  • /cinematiclist command to list currently loaded cinematics

  • bug fix: loading an ingame videoMap shader would close the console

  • bug fix: initial cinematic playing didn't check if a video handle was available

  • bug fix: function key binds in console didn't work if cinematic was playing

  • bug fix: large cinematic frame size could overflow buffer

  • bug fix: initial cinematic frame size wasn't validated

  • more than one videoMap shader can be played at the same time

  • fast forward and rewind works for cinematic videos

  • cl_cinematicIgnoreSeek to allow or disable seeking with videoMap shaders

  • bug fix: round based games didn't ignore g_overtime value (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • --no-dpi-aware option removed. DPI awareness is set through program manifest

  • bug fix: Windows version didn't disable screen blanking correctly

  • 'wcrealtime' general shader keyword added. This allows shader time updated using real time instead of time adjusted for timescale, pause, and video frames.

  • 'screenMap' shader option from Quake3e. This allows mirror like effects. See README-wolfcamql.txt for more information.

  • voip data can be added to demo recorded from another demo

  • cl_voipOverallGain to control voip volume for all senders

  • /voip gain also works with spatial clients

  • bug fix: sound stream playback was choppy

  • bug fix: initial playback of mono cinematic sound stream missing reset

  • cl_freezeDemoPauseMusic to control whether music is stopped when demo is paused

  • bug fix: demo seeking could cause random sound stream data to be played

  • cpma mvd support for health, armor, and ammo hud information

  • bug fix: with /follow q3 hud would still draw powerup information for demo taker

  • cg_drawCpmaMvdIndicator*

  • bug fix: /follow q3 hud wouldn't show weapon icon if cg_draw3dIcons == 0

  • bug fix: /follow could still switch away to another view with cpma mvd or ql protocol 91 free spec demos

  • bug fix: ui/wcweaponbar.menu didn't show infinite ammo icon

  • bug fix: ui/wcweaponbar.menu incorrect visibility settings for ammo values

  • 'textReset' itemdef command to remove text entry in menu

  • 'backgroundReset' itemdef and menudef command to remove background image

  • bug fix: team overlay wasn't showing with /follow in free spec demos

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show players left with red rover and ad/ctfs game types

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show number of captured domination control points

  • bug fix: hud didn't show number of captured domination control points for protocol 91 demos

  • q3 hud uses millisecond precision for race scores

  • cg_drawRaceTime to show race score in q3 hud

  • draw scores in q3 hud uses latest score info for /follow

  • bug fix: q3 scoreboard not showing score and ping in cpma duel

  • bug fix: free float spectator not showing second score in q3 hud

  • bug fix: q3 hud incorrectly calculated first place score

  • bug fix: free spec demos and cpma mvd demos would draw spectators as first and second place

  • cpma mvd ffa shows rank for followed player

  • CG_SHOW_IF_PLYR[12] evaulates to true for demo playback to allow showing pickups for both duel players


  • bug fix: gametype set incorrectly for older cpma demos

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show powerups with /follow

  • bug fix: q3 hud didn't show carried flag with /follow

  • bug fix: q3 hud scoreboard didn't show killer name with /follow

  • bug fix: q3 hud scoreboard didn't show rank string with /follow

  • local time no longer added to CG_GAME_STATUS

  • cg_drawJumpSpeeds and cg_drawJumpSpeedsTime work with /follow

  • cpma >= 1.50 key press information supported

  • cpma >= 1.50 duel forfeit information

  • bug fix: cpma Hoony Mode missing gametype icon in hud

  • bug fix: cpma Hoony Mode not treated as a duel game type

  • add duel forfeit indicator for q3 hud endgame scoreboard

  • bug fix: use correct flag sounds for cpma NTF (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • bug fix: loading flag models and sounds for cpma NTF gametype (em92 Eugene Molotov)

  • remove console spamming for some known cpma server commands

  • bug fix: invalid cpma score if powerups were used in duel

  • bug fix: don't draw key press info for dead or invalid players

  • s_sdlWindowsForceDirectSound, needed for video recording and playback if wsapi reports more than 2 channels

  • cl_voipGainOtherPlayback to control the volume of other sounds while voip is playing back (only with sdl audio)

  • ui_demoSortDirFirst to list directories first in demo listing


@brugal brugal released this Apr 5, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

test release

11.7 2017-06-07

  • windows: automatically disable screen blanking (re-enable with SDL_VIDEO_ALLOW_SCREENSAVER environement variable)
  • ioquake3 fixes
  • bug fix: invalid invulnerability sphere would appear after rewinding (em92 Eugene Molotov)
  • bug fix: fragforward treated freeze tag thaws as kills (em92 Eugene Molotov)
  • bug fix: freecam spec mode shows own corpse in 'Attack and Defend' / CTFS (em92 Eugene Molotov)
  • bug fix: don't draw sprites for dead players (em92 Eugene Molotov)
  • cg_drawSpritesDeadPlayers controls drawing sprites for dead players
  • update to libfreetype 2.8 (security update)
  • r_centerWindow default changed to 1
  • cg_useScoresUpdateTeam hack for ql/minqlx bug not updating player config strings correctly. Players can be shown on the wrong team and this will update the player teams from the score commands.
  • draw player entities even if their config string shows them as spectators. This is also a work around for ql/minqlx bug not updating player config strings correctly. (em92 Eugene Molotov)
  • Mac OS X build uses clang


@brugal brugal released this Mar 30, 2017 · 85 commits to master since this release

/seekclock fix, misc


@brugal brugal released this Mar 26, 2017 · 86 commits to master since this release

bug fixes, video options, ioquake3 fixes
  • bug fix: check bounds for sortedTeamPlayers
  • Windows binary allows more memory usage


@brugal brugal released this Oct 5, 2016 · 88 commits to master since this release

bug fixes, key press information

bug fixes, gun model shown with /follow'ed player, scoreboard enhancements, sound pvs checking with protocol 91 demos


@brugal brugal released this Jun 6, 2016 · 90 commits to master since this release

headmodel support, bug fixes


@brugal brugal released this Apr 15, 2016 · 95 commits to master since this release

fov matching and bug fixes