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The Black Hack

This project publishes the "raw text" of the Roleplaying game "The Black Hack", by David Black. As specified in the License document, the text and tables are open game content.

It means that anyone can use this open game content and make derivative works without asking for permission, as long as this derivative fits the Open Gaming License terms.

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The name "The Black Hack" is used here with kind permission of the author.

See the License for more details.


The main document describing the guidelines on how to contribute is readable here. Please read it carefully in order to make sure your contribution will be easily reviewed and accepted.


You must have Python language available on your system, and either a way to create a virtualenv with a recent version of tox or a recent version of tox available system-wide.

To build the HTML pages, you can run on of the following commands:

make html
tox -e html

The build pages are in the build/ directory. This may help you if you try to fix or translate into a new language.

You'll probably won't have to, but if you want to build PDF files, you'll need to install wkhtmltopdf on your system. And you may run tox -e pdf to build PDF files.

If you want to target a specific language, you can run:

tox -e pdf -- french