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⚡️ Java Client
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⚡️ Java Client.


Download the latest JAR or grab via Maven:


or Gradle:

compile 'org.brunocvcunha.opennode-java:opennode-java:1.2'

Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.

Supported Operations & Examples

Create the Client

        OpenNodeService service = OpenNodeServiceFactory.buildClient("{api_token}");

Create a Charge

        OpenNodeCreateCharge createCharge = OpenNodeCreateCharge.builder()
                .description("OpenNode Java Client")
                .currency(OpenNodeCurrency.USD) // default is satoshis
        OpenNodeCharge createdCharge = service.createCharge(createCharge).execute().body().getData();
        System.out.println("Created charge with ID: " + createdCharge.getId() + ". Invoice: " + createdCharge.getLightningInvoice().getPayreq());

Get a Charge by ID

    OpenNodeCharge charge = service.getCharge("{charge_id"}).execute().body().getData();
    System.out.println(charge.getDescription() + " - " + charge.getAmount() + " - " + charge.getStatus());

List Charges

    OpenNodeResponse<List<OpenNodeCharge>> charges = service.listCharges().execute().body();
    for (OpenNodeCharge charge : charges.getData()) {
        System.out.println(charge.getDescription() + " - " + charge.getAmount() + " - " + charge.getStatus());

Want to tip a few satoshis?

opennode-java requires at minimum Java 8.

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