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alexbosworth commented Aug 10, 2020


When a node has multiple private channels with the same peer, the hop hints in their payment requests will be populated with multiple channels. The purpose of these hop hints is to specify the next node's key and indicate the fees and cltv delta needed for route construction.

In pathfinding, due to non-strict forwarding, an LND node paying to this destination will only use the

StrikerRUS commented Oct 18, 2019

I'm sorry if I missed this functionality, but CLI version hasn't it for sure (I saw the related code only in I guess it will be very useful to eliminate copy-paste phase, especially for large models.

Of course, piping is a solution, but not for development in Jupyter Notebook, for example.

dmidnight commented Sep 5, 2019

Description of the Issue

When an invoice has expired, Joule should not allow the 'Confirm' payment button to be clicked. It should be disabled, gray, and/or show 'Expired'.

Additionally, the Reject button is no longer appropriate after expiry. It should simply be replaced with a 'Close' button.

Steps to Reproduce

Create an invoice that expires, and then leave the payment dialog

shesek commented Sep 11, 2018

Some candidates for removal that could easily be re-implemented inside Spark:

  • superagent (only used for a simple HTTP GET request, can be replaced with the built-in http module)

  • helmet (sets security headers)

  • js-yaml (only used to format objects in a human-readable manner, we don't really need yaml)

  • nanoid (secure random string generator)

  • is-ip (few-liner depende

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