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Changing labels to better reflect the operation...
... from the user's perspective.
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brunodrugowick committed Feb 20, 2020
1 parent a5d756c commit 06dbc0f30d2e108282176b3a2044bf7ef53e8357
Showing 1 changed file with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -71,10 +71,10 @@ <h4>Filter Restaurants</h4>
<div class="form-group row">
<label class="col col-sm-4" for="logicalOperator">Logical Operator</label>
<label class="col col-sm-4" for="logicalOperator">Search mode</label>
<select class="form-control col-sm-8" id="logicalOperator" name="logicalOperator">
<option th:selected="${search.getLogicalOperator() == 'AND'}" value="AND">AND</option>
<option th:selected="${search.getLogicalOperator()} == 'OR'" value="OR">OR</option>
<option th:selected="${search.getLogicalOperator() == 'AND'}" value="AND">Restaurants must contain all search parameters</option>
<option th:selected="${search.getLogicalOperator()} == 'OR'" value="OR">Restaurants may contain one or more search parameters</option>
<div class="form-group row">

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