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Besouro is an adaptation of Zorro, an automated TDD behaviour recognizer. (The original SDSA/Zorro code was obtained from here.)

The main difference between them, so far, is that Zorro relies on Hackystat and Besouro is a stand-alone Eclipse Plugin.

Besouro was initially built to make the Zorro's rule system available for a TDD empirical evaluation, once it became obsolete since Hackystat evolved to it's new architecture, on version 8.

How To Build Besouro

First of all, you need to download the Eclipse SDK, containing the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE). You can download it from here

Download Besouro's source files from here. You can simply download the files, you can clone it with git, if you want to modify it, or you can fork it in github if you intend to contribute your changes back to Besouro.

You will need to download/clone two more repositories. The Eclipse Feature, and the Eclipse update site These projects are not part of the plugin code itself. You can create them with eclipse wizzards if you prefer. They are being provided just for simplicity.

Launch the Eclipse SDK and open the three projects.

The main Besouro project will present you an error because of a missing library. It is the Jess Rule engine, which, until the time of this writing could not be redistributed due to it's non-open-source license. You should be able to download it from here.

(Besouro uses JESS because it is derived from Zorro. It would be great to provide a binary distribution of besouro, ready for use. Or at least to provide all its dependencies with the source code. But now it is impossible due to Jess License. If someone wants to help replacing Jess from Besouro, please let me know!)

After you get your copy of Jess library, you can simply put it into the 'lib' folder inside Besouro project, and the project should compile successfully after a refresh.

Then open the site.xml file inside the besouro_site project and press the 'build' button. Eclipse will compile everything and put the binaries inside the update site project.

This project is now a complete update site you can point your eclipse to. You can also make this directory available in a HTTP URL in order to make the plugin available for installing in other Eclipses instances.

It should be enough. If you have any problem, don't hesitate to send me an email at bruno pedroso at gmail dot com.

Installing Besouro

If you correctly followed the instructions for building Besouro above, you now have a directory (or a URL) with the update site.

Launch Eclipse. Select help -> Install new Software, and add the update site to the list of available sites. Follow the wizard and you are done!

(The original experiment's instructions for install are here. The only thing that is not working anymore is the update site URL provided. Replace it with the update site you created with the above instructions.)

Using Besouro

Please, refer to the original experiment's instructions that must still be available here.

If you have any problem, don't hesitate to send me an email at bruno pedroso at gmail dot com.

Giving feedback

Please let me know what do you think about Besouro. Email me an email at bruno pedroso at gmail dot com anytime!


This code inherits the ApacheLicense once its an adaptation of Zorro.


An eclipse plugin for TDD automated recognition based on Zorro



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