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Class-based views for password reset
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Updates for Python 3.5 and Django 1.9



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Class-based views for password reset, the usual "forget password?" workflow:

  • User fills his email address or username
  • Django sends him an email with a token to reset his password
  • User chooses a new password

The token is not stored server-side, it is generated using Django's signing functionality.

  • Author: Bruno Renié and contributors
  • Licence: BSD
  • Compatibility: Django 1.4+ (cryptographic signing needed)


  • pip install -U django-password-reset
  • Add password_reset to your INSTALLED_APPS
  • Include password_reset.urls in your root

For extensive documentation see the docs folder or read it on readthedocs

To install the in-development version of django-password-reset, run pip install django-password-reset==dev.


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