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A dashboard for managing RQ in the Django admin
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RQ is a simple task queue for queuing and processing jobs. django-rq-dashboard is a web frontend to monitor your RQ queues, jobs and workers in realtime from the Django admin. It looks like this:

See also screenshots of the Worker, Queue and Job pages.

It is very much inspired from the Flask-powered rq-dashboard.


  • pip install django-rq-dashboard

  • Add django_rq_dashboard to your INSTALLED_APPS

  • Add the URL patterns in you URLconf:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^admin/rq/', include('django_rq_dashboard.urls')),
        # your own patterns follow…
  • (optional if non-default values) configure Redis access in your settings. Just define a dictionnary that can be used to construct a Redis object. All key are optional and their default values are:

    RQ = {
        'host': 'localhost',
        'port': 6379,
        'db': 0,
        'password': None,
        'socket_timeout': None,
        'connection_pool': None,
        'charset': 'utf-8',
        'errors': 'strict',
        'decode_responses': False,
        'unix_socket_path': None,
  • Run the development server, queue some jobs, fire off some workers and go watch http://localhost:8000/admin/rq/

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