A React component for viewing large images up close πŸ”
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npm version MIT

This component is a port of Intense Image Viewer for use with React.



Simply replace your <img> element with a <ReactIntense> component:

import ReactIntense from 'react-intense'


<ReactIntense src='img.jpg' />

Optional Props

Name Type Description
title string Renders in corner in maximized view.
caption string Renders below title in maximized view.
trigger Component Option to override the thumbnail image as the trigger to maximize the image. Passed onClick as prop to trigger maximized view.
vertical boolean Images lock to scrolling either horizontally (default) or vertically.
moveSpeed number How fast to scroll images when following mouse.
loader string The class for the loading animation that shows when the image is being loaded for maximized view. Default is in loader.css.


Feel free to use and/or customize the provided styles in lib/ReactIntense.css.


If you find any issues with this component, please report them!