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Plugin to add Ant Design to Gatsby
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npm package


Use Ant Design with Gatsby


npm install antd gatsby-plugin-antd --save

for v1

npm install antd gatsby-plugin-antd^1.0.0 --save

How to use

  1. Include the plugin in your gatsby-config.js file.
// in gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
// or if you want to use less
plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-antd',
      options: {
        style: true

note: if you are using less then you need to install less

  1. In your component(s) include the Ant Design component using dynamic imports as suggested here
// in your component
import { Button } from 'antd'

export default () => <Button type="primary">Primary</Button>
  1. It will pull in the component and the relevant css file using babel-plugin-import
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