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btcd v0.11.1-beta

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@davecgh davecgh released this 27 May 17:20
· 1521 commits to master since this release

Protocol and network related changes:

  • Use correct sub-command in reject message for rejected transactions (#436, #437)
  • Add a new parameter --torisolation which forces new circuits for each connection when using tor (#430)

Transaction relay (memory pool) changes:

  • Reduce the default number max number of allowed orphan transactions to 1000 (#419)
  • Add a new parameter --maxorphantx which allows the maximum number of orphan transactions stored in the mempool to be specified (#419)

RPC changes:

  • Modify listtransactions result to include the involveswatchonly and vout fields (#427)
  • Update getrawtransaction result to omit the confirmations field when it is 0 (#420, #422)
  • Update signrawtransaction result to include errors (#423)

btcctl utility changes:

  • Add gettxoutproof command (#428)
  • Add verifytxoutproof command (#428)

Notable developer-related package changes:

  • The btcec package now provides the ability to perform ECDH encryption and decryption (#375)
  • The block and header validation in the blockchain package has been split to help pave the way toward concurrent downloads (#386)

Misc changes:

  • Minor peer optimization (#433)

Contributors (alphabetical order):

  • Dave Collins
  • David Hill
  • Federico Bond
  • Ishbir Singh
  • Josh Rickmar

MSI Checksums:

SHA256(btcd_standalone_0.11.1-beta_x64.msi)= 14d5a2aaa3cbbcd37a706c9cd8918093d93f9cc826f0eed3af213c673089f126
SHA256(btcd_standalone_0.11.1-beta_x86.msi)= eb6e558a81e406d4497de1ad5ca94b12d57be62745fdcc1669b254716f5aa1c0
SHA512(btcd_standalone_0.11.1-beta_x64.msi)= 2519b2c8e2990e9cdc4ae36f236ed7544848890fd4f8b0ff4e1a7596099806feb39aa47c4e10c231c51f115daf12e4484a6a85958877589e792bb95dd2519781
SHA512(btcd_standalone_0.11.1-beta_x86.msi)= 74d52f60feef618055556a779b38f0773df8e997e1c691db6559dea28f5e0784f8f362cf3f37dc7cd91f22cc7ae9e17940955da8b81d903910e06d3f9ae8523c