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btcd v0.3.1-alpha

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@davecgh davecgh released this 15 Oct 22:06
· 3748 commits to master since this release
  • Change default database to leveldb
    NOTE: This does mean you will have to redownload the block chain. Since we are still in alpha, we didn't feel writing a converter was worth the time as it would take away from more important issues at this stage

  • Add a warning if there are multiple block chain databases of different types
  • Fix issue with unexpected EOF in leveldb -- #18
  • Fix issue preventing block 21066 on testnet -- btcsuite/btcchain#1
  • Fix issue preventing block 96464 on testnet -- btcsuite/btcscript#1
  • Optimize transaction lookups
  • Correct a few cases of list removal that could result in improper cleanup of no longer needed orphans
  • Add functionality to increase ulimits on non-Windows platforms
  • Add support for mempool command which allows remote peers to query the transaction memory pool via the bitcoin protocol
  • Clean up logging a bit
  • Add a flag to disable checkpoints for developers
  • Add a lot of useful debug logging such as message summaries
  • Other minor bug fixes and general code cleanup