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btcd v0.5.0-alpha

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@davecgh davecgh released this 13 Jan 23:53
· 3356 commits to master since this release
  • Optimize initial block download by introducing a new mode which
    downloads the block headers first (up to the final checkpoint)
  • Improve peer handling to remove the potential for slow peers to cause
    sluggishness amongst all peers
  • Fix an issue where the initial block sync could stall when the sync peer
    disconnects (#62)
  • Correct an issue where --externalip was doing a DNS lookup on the full
    host:port instead of just the host portion
  • Fix an issue which could lead to a panic on chain switches
  • Improve btcctl utility in the following ways:
    • Show getdifficulty output as floating point to 6 digits of precision
    • Show all JSON object replies formatted as standard JSON
    • Allow btcctl getblock to accept optional params
    • Add getaccount command (wallet-specific)
    • Add getaccountaddress command (wallet-specific)
    • Add sendrawtransaction command
  • Continue cleanup and work on implementing RPC API calls
    • Update getrawmempool to support new optional verbose flag
    • Update getrawtransaction to match the reference client
    • Update getblock to support new optional verbose flag
    • Update raw transactions to fully match the reference client including
      support for all transaction types and address types
    • Correct getrawmempool fee field to return BTC instead of Satoshi
    • Correct getpeerinfo service flag to return 8 digit string so it
      matches the reference client
    • Correct verifychain to return a boolean
    • Implement decoderawtransaction command
    • Implement createrawtransaction command
    • Implement decodescript command
    • Implement gethashespersec command
    • Allow RPC handler overrides when invoked via a websocket versus
      legacy connection
  • Add new DNS seed for peer discovery
  • Display user agent on new valid peer log message
  • Notify wallet when new transactions that pay to registered addresses
    show up in the mempool before being mined into a block
  • Support a tor-specific proxy in addition to a normal proxy
  • Remove deprecated sqlite3 imports from utilities
  • Remove leftover profile write from addblock utility
  • Quite a bit of code cleanup and refactoring to improve maintainability