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btcwallet v0.6.0-alpha

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@jrick jrick released this 27 May 19:07
· 907 commits to master since this release

New features:

  • Add initial account support (#155):
    • Add account names for each account number
    • Create initial account with the "default" name
    • Create new accounts using the createnewaccount RPC
    • All accounts (with the exception of the imported account) may be
      renamed using the renameaccount RPC
    • RPC requests with an unspecified account that default to the unnamed
      account in Bitcoin Core Wallet default to "default", the name of the
      initial account
    • Several RPCs with account parameters do not work with btcwallet
      accounts due to concerns over expectations of API compatibility with
      Bitcoin Core Wallet. A new RPC API is being planned to rectify this
  • Store transactions, transaction history, and spend tracking in the
    database (#217, #234)
    • A full rescan is required when updating from previous wallet
      versions to rebuild the transaction history
  • Add utility (cmd/dropwtxmgr) to drop transaction history and force a
    rescan (#234)
  • Implement the help RPC to return single line usages of all wallet and
    btcd server requests as well as detailed usage for a single request

Bug fixes:

  • Handle chain reorgs by unconfirming transactions from removed blocks
  • Rollback all transaction history when none of the saved recently seen
    block hashes are known to btcd (#234, #281)
  • Prevent the situation where the default account was renamed but cannot
    be renamed back to "" or "default" by removing the special case naming
    policy for the default account (#253)
  • Create the initial account address if needed when calling the
    getaccountaddress RPC (#238)
  • Prevent listsinceblock RPC from including all listtransactions result
    objects for all transactions since the genesis block (fix included in
  • Add missing fields to listtransactions and gettransaction RPC results
  • Remove target confirmations limit on listsinceblock results (#266)
  • Add JSON array to report errors creating input signature for
    signrawtransaction RPC (#267)
  • Use negative fees with listtransactions result types (#272)
  • Prevent duplicate wallet lock attempt after timeout if explicitly
    locked (#275)
  • Use correct RPC server JSON-RPC error code for incorrect passphrases
    with a walletpassphrase request (#284)


  • Inserting transactions and marking outputs as controlled by wallet in
    the new transaction database is extremely slow compared to the previous
    in-memory implementation. Later versions may improve this performance
    regression by using write-ahead logging (WAL) and performing more
    updates at a time under a single database transaction.

Notable developer-related changes:

  • Relicense all code to the btcsuite developers (#258)
  • Replace txstore package with wtxmgr, the walletdb-based transaction
    store (#217, #234)
  • Add Cursor API to walletdb for forwards and backwards iteration over
    a bucket (included in #234)
  • Factor out much of main's wallet.go into a wallet package (#213,
    #276, #255)
  • Convert RPC server and client to btcjson v2 API (#233, #227)
    • Help text and single line usages for the help RPC are pregenerated
      from descriptions in the internal/rpchelp package and saved as
      globals in main. Help text must be regenerated (using go generate)
      each time the btcjson struct tags change or the help definitions are
  • Add additional features to the votingpool package:
    • Implement StartWithdrawal API to begin an Open Transactions
      withdrawal (#178)
    • Add internal APIs to store withdrawal transactions in the wallet's
      transaction database (#221)
  • Addresses marked as used after appearing publicly on the blockchain or
    in mempool; required for future single-use address support (#207)
  • Modified waddrmgr APIs to use ForEach functions to iterate over
    address strings and managed addresses to improve scability (#216)
  • Move legacy directory under internal directory to prevent importing
    of unmaintained packages (enforced since Go 1.5) (#285)
  • Improve test coverage in the waddrmgr and wtxmgr packages (#239, #217)

Contributors (alphabetical order):

  • Dave Collins
  • Guilherme Salgado
  • Javed Khan
  • Josh Rickmar
  • Manan Patel

MSI Checksums:

SHA256(btcwallet_standalone_0.6.0-alpha_x64.msi)= 7968bceb1f7f18b37861c359912aea30f39e2e03a56085f2f3b26e24462fbff0
SHA256(btcwallet_standalone_0.6.0-alpha_x86.msi)= e5738fb4f308b0341221b3ebb3ebb835e7a0dcbb6c6905b24dfdc5b790bfceba
SHA512(btcwallet_standalone_0.6.0-alpha_x64.msi)= 622bd1e50330236ff68924511aefa73a6b1d7d0bc3f207e273588c5223f909d9cf4fa78bf395e7b9c9eb8e57a032f82a46b049ab717bc7c11a68cc17e82fe818
SHA512(btcwallet_standalone_0.6.0-alpha_x86.msi)= 20820673cd626608abf3753713e15517ead430d282d6cec4471954a52bd6f296468626792c603ccf32928fcaeea1abaa93a3c85d3c07e18dca277a155b3b5e6c