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BitcoinZ Cold wallet / Offline wallet

Wallet is compatibile with ZCL & ZEC.

Generates public addresses (taddr - starts with t*).
Just run in command line (cmd):


So now you have BTZ address and you can start mining!

Restore wallet from passprase

zretrieve.exe -passphrase="easily trade realize bother terror paradise weather lung energy began grew shove"

All you need to have to own all coins in address is just private key

Check your address balance & transfer history in one of BitcoinZ explorer:

Transfer coins is not possible. You need to import private key to full node

zcash-cli importprivkey "private_key_from_zgenerate"

To transfer coins in full node run

zcash-cli z_sendmany t1eRPBQ6FAagpjbpRmtzXsjsSvGkorAQFSr '[{"amount": 1, "address": "t1f8xsf4U6qxYajSLD6sFLwKj4qyNRtqLk8"}]'

t1eRPBQ6FAagpjbpRmtzXsjsSvGkorAQFSr - from address
1 - amount
t1f8xsf4U6qxYajSLD6sFLwKj4qyNRtqLk8 - to address

Windows binary available!

Bakup your private key and passphrase in many safe locations!
Never show private key to anyone. Don't paste private key to explorers!
Use at your own risk.

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