A great starting point for writing AngularJS apps backed by a Socket.io-powered node.js server.
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Angular Socket.io Seed

Start an awesome app with AngularJS on the front, Socket.io + Express + Node on the back. This project is an application skeleton for writing AngularJS apps that use web sockets to add real-time functionality. If you're not planning on using web sockets, you should consider the Angular Express Seed instead.

The seed contains angular libraries, test libraries and a bunch of scripts all preconfigured for instant web development gratification. Just clone the repo (or download the zip/tarball) and you're ready to develop your application.

The seed app shows how to wire together Angular client-side components with Socket.io and Express on the server. It also illustrates writing angular partials/views with the Jade templating library.

Note: Although Jade supports interpolation, you should be doing that mostly on the client. Mixing server and browser templating will convolute your app. Instead, use Jade as a syntactic sugar for HTML, and let AngularJS take care of interpolation on the browser side.

How to use it

Clone the angular-socket-io-seed repository and start hacking!

Running the app

Runs like a typical express app:

node app.js

Running tests

Coming soon!

Receiving updates from upstream

Just fetch the changes and merge them into your project with git.

Updating angular.js

Alternatively, you can update AngularJS with Bower:

bower update angular

Example Application

I created a simple instant messaging application and wrote a blog post walking through the app to illustrate using the seed.

Directory Layout

app.js                  --> app config
bower.json              --> for bower
package.json            --> for npm
public/                 --> all of the files to be used in on the client side
  css/                  --> css files
    app.css             --> default stylesheet
  img/                  --> image files
  js/                   --> javascript files
    app.js              --> declare top-level app module
    controllers.js      --> application controllers
    directives.js       --> custom angular directives
    filters.js          --> custom angular filters
    services.js         --> custom angular services
    angular/            --> angular.js
    angular-socket-io/  --> socket.io adapter for angular
  index.js              --> route for serving HTML pages and partials
  index.jade            --> main page for app
  layout.jade           --> doctype, title, head boilerplate
  partials/             --> angular view partials (partial jade templates)


For more information on AngularJS please check out http://angularjs.org/ For more on Express and Jade, http://expressjs.com/ and http://jade-lang.com/ are your friends.