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Linux script to extract and compile garmin *.img map files from or downloads
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debian/ubuntu apt-get install hint

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Linux/Unix script to compile garmin *.img map files from or files


  • zsh
  • 7z
  • mkgmap OR wine
  • gmt linux version OR wine

you can obtain mkgmap with your package manager or from

gmt linux version can be downloaded from

Installation of required files on Debian/Ubuntu

  sudo apt-get install zsh 7z
  unzip gmt
  sudo mv gmt /usr/local/bin/

also, get newest mkgmap from and install (aka copy) it to e.g. /usr/local/share/mkgmap/

Installation of required files on Gentoo

  emerge zsh p7zip mkgmap
  unzip gmt
  sudo mv gmt /usr/local/bin/

Installation of required files on openSUSE

  Alternativly use the following commands on the command line
  zypper ar GEO
  zypper ref
  zypper in p7zip mkgmap GMT


 Usage: <mtb*.exe|velo*.exe> <TYP-file or TYP-type> [path/to/mkgmap.jar]
       as TYP-type you can choose:
       clas: classic layout - optimized for Vista/Legend series
       thin: thinner tracks and pathes - optimized for Gpsmap60/76 series
       wide: high contrast layout, like classic but with white forest - optimized for Oregon/Colorado dull displays
       hike: like classic layout - but optimized for hiking (does not show mtb/bicycle informations)
       easy: similar to classic layout - but focussed on easy readability hence not showing mtb/bicycle information except routes
       velo: (comes with velomap files) Layout optimized for small GPS screen
       or give the path to your own .TYP style file
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