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Usb midi firmware for stm32/bluepill
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Usb Midi stompbox in rust

This project is an embedded firmware to create a 'stompbox' that sends midi signals over usb.

This is similar in concept to|en)


This is currently using RTFM to provide task scheduling. The usb drivers are implemented using the usb-hal. Ultimately the bulk of the logic is in the usbd-midi crate.

Hopefully this should be compatible with other devices that support the HAL.

While there is existing products and even firmwares that achieve this, this project aims to use embedded rust to explore how useful rust is in an embedded context.


This currently uses RTFM's priorities to schedule 'tasks' as follows.

  1. Processing usb
  2. Sending Midi
  3. Reading IO/Status LEd

Processing usb needs to be done at the highest priority, otherwise the device can 'malfunction' in the usb stack. This is also interrupt driven, so we are handling the USB side fast.

Then the sending of MIDI messages into the usb stack is prioritized.

The actually IO is currently ran with the lowest priority, as if things are missed here it is not the end of the world.

What works

Currently will send a midi message when the state of PA4 (bluepill) changes. Will send a MIDI ON message on the rising edge, and a MIDI OFF message on the falling edge.

The whole system is almost entirely interrupt driven, only the LED blinking is not, but this may be possible using PWM instead, and changing the LED based on panics/other tasks.


This is my first endevaour in rust and embedded rust, feedback is welcome. Modifying the build process to support multiple boards would be an awesome contribution.

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