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Installation instructions for Bucardo.
For a possibly more up to date and complete version, please visit:
Before installing, please make sure you have the latest version.
Please visit:
It is recommended that you create a 'bucardo' user on your system
that will be responsible for running Bucardo.
Install Bucardo like any other Perl module:
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
The last step must be done as root. You may be able to do this by running:
sudo make install
Note that 'make test' is a rather long and involved process.
However, because Bucardo is fairly complex, testing is highly
recommended before installing.
If you are using a MongoDB target, you will also need to install the 'boolean'
Perl module.
Once the above has been run, you will need to create a Bucardo database.
This can be done by running:
bucardo install
There should be no errors: if there are, please report them to or ask on IRC for help.
IRC: #bucardo
Bucardo by default logs to syslog, and does so very verbosely. It is
recommended that you reroute your bucardo syslog traffic to another file.
This can be done by adding this line to your /etc/syslog.conf file:
local1.* -/var/log/bucardo.log
Of course, if "local1" is already being used for something else, you will
need to change it - see the "syslog_facility" entry in the bucardo_config
Once this is done, make sure you restart your syslog daemon so it rereads the
new configuration file.
Please see the documentation at for information on how to
start using Bucardo once it is installed.