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Releases: buckets/application


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v0.67.2 - 2022-08-31

  • FIX: Restore ability to import CSV files with separate credit/debit columns where both are positive (#790)
  • FIX: Several translation fixes for Türkçe, Español and Eestlane. Thank you, contributors!
  • FIX: Fixed bug in OFX importing where later transactions would get copies of data from earlier transactions (#778)
  • FIX: Log OS version for debugging help
  • FIX: If you accidentally give an account a blank name, you can now rename it (#785)


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v0.67.1 - 2022-07-24

  • FIX: CSV imports will treat parentheses-enclosed numbers as negative (#740)
  • FIX: Fuzzy searching when categorizing will now highlight the best option consistently (#773)
  • FIX: A bucket's Activity and In amounts are now correctly updated when you undo a prior deposit or withdrawal (#591)
  • FIX: When importing from YNAB4, Buckets now looks for Budget.ymeta and Budget.yfull files in more places (#429, #493)
  • FIX: Syncing from SimpleFIN will no longer overwrite the memo unless it's blank (#746)
  • FIX: Prior to this change, if you kicked the Buckets License bucket it would reappear next time you opened the budget. This was confusing. Now, you can no longer kick it at all with the Trial Version. (#609)
  • FIX: Removed up/down buttons on all date inputs because they are buggy and the keyboard up/down keys can achieve the same effect. (#764)
  • FIX: In the case where 0-amount transactions are created (typically via import/sync) you can now categorize them so they no longer show as uncategorized (#700)
  • FIX: Document that Rain only makes sense when transactions have all been categorized (#508)

v0.67.0 - 2022-07-17

  • BREAKING CHANGE: When entering transaction amounts, typing - before the number will no longer flip the sign. Sorry, we know this is going to ruin your muscle memory! Instead, type + for positive numbers and use no prefix (or type -) to use negative numbers. You can also click on the big - before the amount to toggle between positive and negative numbers (#725, #496)
  • NEW: Handle new SimpleFIN pending transaction attribute. At this point, the attribute is used to ignore pending transactions but will be used in the future to add the transactions once pending transactions are added to Buckets.
  • NEW: Added 8 new colorblind-friendly default bucket colors and added a color picker so you can choose whatever hue hue want! (#690)
  • NEW: Buckets with the same name will now also include their group name in the categorizing dropdown list. (#594)
  • NEW: You can now do fuzzy searching when categorizing transactions. That is, you can type "Insurance" and it will match both "Car Insurance" and "Dog insurance" buckets. (#153)
  • FIX: Silence Dbus-related errors on Linux when keychain access fails (#755)


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NOTE: Windows users may need to manually download this version from because we have a new code signing certificate. You might also see a Windows Defender warning about it.

v0.66.5 - 2022-06-17

  • FIX: Updates to various translations. Thank you, all!
  • FIX: Fix startup error on Windows (#762)

v0.66.4 - 2022-06-13

  • FIX: Removed closed accounts from the transfer to/from dropdown (#543)
  • FIX: Bug reports now include version number in the subject line (internal change).
  • FIX: When categorizing, you can now enter a number higher than the total amount so you can do math with it. (#118)
  • FIX: Remove the "running balance does not match the last synced balance" warning, as it was almost always unhelpful (#706)
  • FIX: Removed notice about Amazon tool not working, because it still works (#528)
  • FIX: Fix race condition error on application startup (#580)
  • FIX: Changed how Activity is computed so that it only includes real life income/expenses for a bucket. Also changed In to only include money directly deposited into or withdrawn from a bucket via the In/Out input. (#362)


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v0.66.3 - 2022-04-19

  • FIX: Exporting tool now honors the date range you pick (#563)
  • FIX: Activity no longer shows up in the wrong month (#744)


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v0.66.2 - 2022-04-14

  • FIX: Restore proper ordering to transactions (#739)

v0.66.1 - 2022-04-13

  • FIX: Fixed regression preventing imports in budgets with a mix of manually-entered and imported transactions (#739)
  • FIX: Improved logging when importing transaction data.


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v0.66.0 - 2022-04-05

  • NEW: When importing OFX/QFX files, you may now swap the <NAME> and <MEMO> fields (#366)
  • FIX: When importing CSV or OFX files, you can now invert the sign of transaction amounts per account. (#574)
  • FIX: When importing from CSV/OFX, duplicates aren't created anymore and existing data is left intact. (#338)
  • FIX: When creating a new budget file, it no longer hangs sometimes before opening the budget (#611)
  • FIX: When importing CSV files, you can use patterns with periods in them now, like dd.MM.yyyy (#723)

v0.65.0 - 2022-02-17

  • NEW: CSV files delimited by semicolons and tabs can now be imported (#530)
  • NEW: Buckets now supports currencies with 3 (or more) decimal places and any thousands or decimal separator (#597)
  • NEW: You can now search for numbers on the search page. (#422)
  • NEW: You can choose the number format when importing OFX files (#583)
  • NEW: Added a keyboard shortcut and menu item to quickly get to the search page (Command / or Control /)
  • NEW: Exports now include transaction notes (#717)
  • FIX: Fixed link to purchase license and ability to paste license for some macOS users (#587)
  • FIX: When importing, you can now ignore unknown/unlinked accounts (#408)
  • FIX: Fixed crash when importing from nYNAB without a delimiter (#716)
  • FIX: When importing CSV files, selecting multiple columns for 'Memo' will now concatenate the chosen fields (#331)
  • FIX: When importing CSV files, dates are no longer incorrectly flagged as invalid (#581,#573,#533)
  • FIX: You can now cancel CSV imports (#324)
  • FIX: CSV import can now handle dates of the format 01 JAN 2020 (#702)
  • FIX: Fixed various errors encountered while importing transactions from OFX and CSV files (#340, #463, #545, #536, #502)
  • FIX: OFX files with mismatched <CCSTMTRS> and </STMTRS> tags can now be imported (#378)
  • FIX: CSV importing can handle much bigger files now (#459)
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that discarded pending bucket name changes when you updated a bucket groups name. (#231, #661)
  • FIX: When importing CSV files, you can now exclude rows from the top and bottom of the CSV file (#300)
  • FIX: Fixed error on search page (#644)
  • FIX: When importing CSV files, fixed a bug where columns were duplicated if they had the same header (#460)
  • FIX: When importing CSV files, removed Unique ID column in favor of computing it automatically (#556)
  • FIX: More French translations!
  • FIX: OFX files with lone & characters are now supported (#627)
  • FIX: When importing from CSV, you may reverse the order transactions are imported if the CSV list transactions from most to least recent (#329)
  • FIX: New translations for Română, Español, Deutsch and Русский!

v0.64.0 - 2021-12-14

  • NEW: Added documentation for sharing tool, describing how to get budget files from the Desktop app to the mobile app. (#655)
  • NEW: Updated sharing tool to match most recent mobile app version.
  • FIX: Updated German translations
  • FIX: Fixed month names for Swedish (#616)


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v0.63.2 - 2021-11-10

  • FIX: More Turkish translations.
  • FIX: During nYNAB import, decimal and thousands separators are now honored. (#641)
  • FIX: When importing from nNYAB, Buckets attempts to guess the date format if it doesn't match what was given (#634)
  • FIX: More Norwegian translations.
  • FIX: More Hungarian translations.
  • FIX: More Spanish translations. Thanks, osanchez!
  • FIX: In nYNAB import, don't stop if there's an unknown category (#614)
  • NEW: Buckets is now partially translated into Magyar. Thanks Peter!
  • NEW: Buckets is now translated into Svenska. Tack, Therese!
  • NEW: Buckets is now partially translated into Eesti. Thanks, Indrek!
  • FIX: When importing from nYNAB, there's now an indication that something is actually happening :) (#598)
  • FIX: When importing from nYNAB, Buckets does better at keeping activity in past months instead of all in the current month (#603)
  • FIX: When importing from nYNAB, reconciled transactions are now marked as cleared. (#610)
  • Rename Bokmål to Norsk
  • NEW: Buckets is now available in Bokmål. Takk, Viggo!
  • FIX: When importing from web YNAB, dates with periods . are now parsed correctly.
  • FIX: Kubuntu users can now import YNAB4 files (#582)
  • FIX: Fix on Windows to let users select the YNAB .zip file instead of just directories (#595)
  • FIX: When importing from Web YNAB, buckets retain more category history than before (#596)
  • NEW: Added the ability to import from nYNAB's exported zip files. (#110)
  • NEW: Faint cents are now disabled by default. You can re-enable them in preferences if you like squinting :) (#344)


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v0.60.1 - 2021-10-05

  • FIX: Buckets no longer crashes on startup on Windows (#584)
  • FIX: Allow Kubuntu users to navigate filesystem when looking for YNAB4 files to import (#582)


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v0.60.0 - 2021-09-10

  • NEW: Builds are more automated now.
  • FIX: When submitting bugs, redirects are followed now.
  • Updated bug-reporting server URL.


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v0.59.0 - 2021-07-14

  • NEW: Updated computer-to-computer sync protocol to be forward compatible

  • NEW: Upgrade SQLite to v3.35.0

  • FIX: Fixed a crash caused by goal buckets with very large goals (#547)

  • FIX: Fix a few errors that happened when choosing months in the month pickers (#546, #568)

  • FIX: Fixed a bug that made it seem like undo/redo wasn't working when in fact it was just not updating the screen in some cases (#564, #552)