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Simple and friendly

Buckets primary goal is to help people manage content and websites better. It strives to be simple and friendly, both to everyday content contributors or web designers and developers.

General Philosophies

  • Content management should be de-coupled from web publishing.
  • Managing content should not feel like administrating a database.
  • Open Source software can have the same level of polish and detail as world-class social services.
  • Delight plays a critical role in the user experience. Speed, animations, and intuitive interfaces are all major priorities.
  • Leverage and expose portions of the technical stack with a simple interface to keep the architecture light, but consumer-usable.
  • Building Buckets (or building on Buckets) should be just as enjoyable as using Buckets

The Future

There are several high-level features we are considering after we deliver on everything mentioned above:

  • Version control for posts
  • Smart Buckets which can import content from a variety of social sources, IFTTT-style
  • @@Built-in tooling for web designers: This means supporting things like Sass/Compass/CoffeeScript compilation, image optimization, etc. through a synced file-based system.@@


Buckets will include a built-in marketplace for plugins/extensions, even in its open source version. This will allow developers to monetize plugins (with Buckets taking a percentage) and foster an ecosystem which we control. Additionally, post “1.0” status, we plan to allow users to sign up to Buckets as a SaaS app with monthly paid accounts.

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