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A simple tool for solving common geospatial workflows.

  • tms: Tile Map Server
  • mbt: Tile builder for vector tiles into the mbtiles spec
  • fence: A geofence utility
  • dig: A geocoder based on OSM data

This project is under heavy development and APIs/CLIs are subject to change until further notice.


Install diglet into /usr/local/bin (assuming you have permissions to) like so

curl -sSL | sudo python - /usr/local/bin

If you don't have permission at /usr/local/bin, try something like this where you extend your PATH

mkdir -p $BINDIR
curl -sSL | python - $BINDIR

If you just want the binary, the final arg to the install py is a directory to download into

Or do it manually by going to the releases page and download the diglet artifact

Currently only building 64 bit linux for simplicity, but will build for more archs as things stabilize. Instructions for building

Running w/ Docker

Just running the Docker container launches tms reading from /opt/diglet/var/tiles in the container. You'll probably want to mount that to a dir on your host machine that has mbtiles in it. The following is an example of building a tileset from geojson and serving them.

docker run buckhx/diglet diglet mbt -o /opt/diglet/var/tiles/features.mbt features.geojson -v ~/tiles:/opt/diglet/var/tiles
docker run -it buckhx/diglet -v ~/tiles:/opt/diglet/var/tiles


A tile server in a single binary

Here are some neat things that diglet tms does

  • Read-through mmap LRU cache
  • Easy peasy-lemon squeezy HTTPS
  • Sniffs the tile format and set Content-Type: (pbf, json, gz, jpg, png, etc...)
  • HTTP/JSON-RPC/WS endpoints

Some things in the works

  • Backend changes are pushed to the front end in real time (via websockets)
  • Source specific hooks (on PostGIS insert -> build mbtiles)


   diglet tms - Starts the diglet Tile Map Service

   diglet tms [command options] mbtiles_directory

   Starts the diglet Tile Map Service

   --port "8080"		Port to bind
   --cert, --tls-certificate 	Path to .pem TLS Certificate. Both cert & key required to serve HTTPS
   --key, --tls-private-key 	Path to .pem TLS Private Key. Both cert & key required to serve HTTPS
   --tms-origin			NOT IMPLEMENTED: Use TMS origin, SW origin w/ Y increasing North-wise

If --cert and --key are both set, content will be served over TLS (HTTPS) and unecrypted HTTP will return nothing or a TLS error response


The following methods are available via the HTTP API. The other methods in the app definition are for use with WS endpoints and mainly deal with tile subscriptions, which will remain undocumented until an official client is released for them. The parameter {tileset-slug} refers to the mbtiles file on disk witout the extenstion and the name .


GET /tileset/

List the .mbtiles on disk from --mbtiles and their attributes. The keys are the tileset-slug of the tilesets.


GET /tileset/{tileset-slug}

Get information about the specific tileset. This information is populated from the mbtiles metadata table.


GET /tileset/{tileset-slug}/{z}/{x}/{y}

Get the tile at the given coordinates and return the contents as the response body. Passing json=true as a will return the tile as a json object with it's coordinates


GET /tileset/gallery/{tileset-slug}

A simple gallery to view your tiles with. Only supports vector tiles for now. ?lat={}&lon={}&zoom{} will zoom to desired location.


Will build tiles from either geojson or a csv.

If a csv is used, either --csv-lat/--csv-lon or --csv shape must be set to read the coordinates correctly. The csv-shape is a list of list of [[],[],[]] and will only render a single, exterior ring polygon per line. Csv also requires a named header.

Geojson is fair-game, no support for GeometryCollection or Topojson

--filter if included will only include these columns in this properties. Includes all if not added

Valid extentsions for mbtiles are .mbtiles or .mbt

   diglet mbt - Builds an mbtiles database from the input data source

   diglet mbt [command options] input_source

   Builds an mbtiles database from the given format

   -o, --output 					REQUIRED: Path to write mbtiles to
   --input-type "sniff"					Type of input files, 'sniff' will pick type based on the extension
   -f, --force						Remove the existing .mbtiles file before running.
   -u, --upsert						Upsert into mbtiles instead of replacing.
   --layer-name "features"				Name of the layer for the features to be added to
   --desc, --description "Generated from Diglet"	Value inserted into the description entry of the mbtiles
   --extent "4096"					Extent of tiles to be built. Default is 4096
   --max, --max-zoom "10"				Maximum zoom level to build tiles for
   --min, --min-zoom "5"				Minimum zoom level to build tiles from
   --filter 						Only include fields keys in this comma delimited list
   --csv-lat						Column containing latitude					
   --csv-lon						Column containint longitude
   --csv-shape						Column containing geometry in geojson-like 'coordinates' form
   --csv-delimiter ","	

#fence & dig

I did a geofencing experiment and may or may not include that in the standard build. Also did some geocoding work from OSM. Hit's ~500 r/s, but unstable so won't be included for now.


Diglet uses a go library for reading mbtiles that depends on some C code, this makes crosscompiling a bit of a pain, so only linux binaries will be published until there is a need for more platforms. If a major release is it, diglet will be published for most platforms.

We'll include a script and or directions for building on your own.

Minor releases will be built for linux x64 and i386

Major releases will have platform specific binaries


Here are the basics, but you can inspect the .travis.yml for specifics


go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
make build

There will be a binary for your platform in dist/diglet

Some food for thought

A tile is a girls best friend
A tile is forever
Divas. Desire. Tiles.
Our reputation shines as brightly as our tiles
The ultimate in luxury and tiles
Tiles by the Yard
The Tiler of Kings
Every tile begins with z
Your tiles should be as unique as you are
Tiles of brillance
Tiles, together.
Always the crowning tile
Strikingly brilliant. Remarkable. Tiles.
Preciously exclusive tiles
Tiles that brings out the luxury in you


Here are dependencies and their licenese

  • buckhx/diglet: MIT
  • buckhx/mbtiles: MIT
  • codegangsta/cli: MIT
  • qedus/osmpbf: MIT
  • gorilla: BSD 3-Clause
  • mattn/go-sqlite3: MIT
  • go-std-lib: BSD 3-Clause

I got lazy and haven't maintained the licenses...