Setting up an entire rails-stack with choice between apache/nginx and svn/git.
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The Sprinkle-recipe will set up a server with the following.

1. Build-essentials, which include gcc, make, o.s.v.
2. emacs
3. Ruby 1.8.6, patchlevel 369 - including Ruby dependencies
4. Rubygems 1.3.5
5. Rails 2.3.3
6. Gems
-- Faker
7. Apache 2.2.13 or Nginx 0.7.61
8. Mongrel 1.1.5 with mongrel_cluster 1.0.5 or Thin 
9. Mysql
10. Sphinx with mysql_dev-packages
11. Git or SVN
12. Imagemagick
13. Monit

Installation Process

This process will guide you from a barebones fresh install of Ubuntu (tested on
Hardy Heron och Jaunty Jackalope) to a full-blow Rails-stack hosting solution.
This script needs to run as root on the server, but please remember to disable the
root-user afterwards!

$ = Run this on your local machine
# = Run this as root on the server

1. Install sprinkle;
$ sudo gem install sprinkle

2. Download the recipe from

3. Move to the directory you just downloaded from github.

4. Ping the server to make sure you have the correct ip.

5. Edit deploy.rb in the Sprinkle Configuration; replace IP_TO_HOST with the ip of the server

6. Run the provisioning scripts
$ sprinkle -s setup.rb

7. When prompted, provide the root-password to the server

8. When done, disable the root-user on the server!


At the moment, running this on a fresh GleSYS-vps throws few errors but nothing breaks. 
This is due to /tmp being mounted as noexec from the start, to fix this - log in to the
server as root and go to /etc/fstab. Edit parameters to allow exec from /tmp - this will make
the errors go away.