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pif - FPGA on a Raspberry Pi

This is the software for Bugblat's Raspberry Pi FPGA board - the pif board.

What is the pif board?

A pif board, which plugs into a Raspberry Pi, carries a non-volatile Lattice Semiconductor MachXO2 FPGA.

To program the FPGA, you start by writing a firmware program, usually in VHDL or Verilog though there are other options. The firmware program can be simulated and compiled to a JEDEC bitstream with Lattice's free Diamond software.

Then you have to inject the bitstream into the pif's FPGA, and that's the job of the software in this repo. Primarily in Python, there are programs to

  • program the onboard FPGA with a compiled bitstream
  • control the FPGA firmware from the Raspberry Pi processor

Example FPGA firmware programs are also included, plus an example of controlling the FPGA from a web application.

Many flavors of Linux are available for the Raspberry Pi. This software is written for the Raspbian/wheezy distribution.

More Information

The pif product pages, including links to the full documentation, are here.