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LeapMotion RPM package for Fedora.

Since alien deb to RPM transformation does not work for fedora 19 and 20 (due package conflict) I've decided to make a RPM packaging for Leap binaries.

The RPM it's pretty basic, simple and flexible to be modified, by default master branch is for x86 and x64 branch for x64 arch.

How to generate the RPM

Be sure to install first rpm tools packaging:

sudo yum install rpm-build rpm-build-libs

Due license issues I can't provide the RPM packaged already, but it's pretty easy to do it!. It's necessary to have installed Make and rpm-build devel packages.

Go to https://developer.leapmotion.com/dashboard and download the binaries for Linux. Once you have the file, open a terminal in the folder where the file was downloaded and type/execute these lines:

For x86 and x86_64

Spec file will build for the host rpm builder architecture, e.g.: if my machine/OS is based on 32 arch, it will build it for i386, no independent branches.

git clone git@github.com:atejeda/leap-fedora-rpm.git
tar xzf LeapDeveloperKit_+_linux.tgz *.deb
mv LeapDeveloperKit_$LEAP_+_linux/*.deb leap-fedora-rpm/SOURCES/
cd leap-fedora-rpm
make clean all

Bear in mind that the code above can change depending on the version used, Leap SDK v1 was using another name convention (zip and unzipped folder).

Install it

Generated RPM is located under RPMS folder, e.g.:

sudo yum remove Leap # uninstal older package just in case
sudo yum install -y RPMS/`uname -p`/Leap-VERSION-RELEASE.*.`uname -p`.rpm

Using it

I've demonized the leapd binary, for start the daemon use systemctl, e.g.:

  • Start the daemon: sudo systemctl start leap.service
  • Stop it: sudo systemctl stop leap.service
  • Get the status : sudo systemctl status leap.service
  • Enable it: sudo systemctl enable leap.service

After start the daemon, if the lights of your leap are turned on, so far so good...

Binaries to execute:

  • Visualizer
  • Recalibrate
  • LeapControlPanel


If you want to use it, modify, extend it, follow the normal github workflow, means that must be fork it, merge it, or create a ticket if there's any bug.