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A linter for your Buildkite plugins
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Buildkite Plugin Linter Build status

A linter for your Buildkite plugins, used by the plugin-linter Buildkite plugin


  • Checks for a plugin.yml file (and validates it against the plugin.yml JSON schema)
  • Checks that all readme examples match the plugin’s schema
  • Check the readme version numbers are up-to-date with the latest plugin version
  • Machine-parseable TAP output

Further reading and tools:


You can use this tool via the Linter Plugin or you can add it to your docker-compose.yml file and then use docker-compose run --rm lint:

    image: buildkite/plugin-linter
    command: ['--id', 'my-org/my-plugin']
      - ".:/plugin"

or you can run it locally on the command line:

docker run \
  -it \
  --rm \
  -v "$(pwd):/plugin" \
  buildkite/plugin-linter \
    --id my-org/my-plugin

If your plugin examples use a full git URL, such as ssh://, then you should specify the full git URL in the id argument.

Roadmap / TODO

  • Check that all the config options in the readme exist in the configuration schema
  • Check that all the options in the configuration schema exist in the readme
  • Warn about undocumented config options found in source code

Contributions welcome! ❤️


If you have Node installed:

npm install
npm test
bin/lint --help

Code style is validated using JavaScript Standard Style.

To run the tests using Docker Compose:

# Run the tests
docker-compose run --rm linter
# Run the lint command
docker-compose run --rm linter lint --help




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