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Bullet 2.87 has improved support for robotics, reinforcement learning and VR. In particular, see the "Reinforcement Learning" section in the pybullet quickstart guide at . There are also preliminary C# bindings to allow the use of pybullet inside Unity 3D for robotics and reinforcement learning.

Here are some videos:

Some example training the pybullet_pendulum using TensorFlow Agents PPO:
pip install pybullet, agents, tensorflow, gym

python -m pybullet_envs.agents.train_ppo --config=pybullet_pendulum --logdir=pendulum
tensorboard --logdir=pendulum --port=2222
python -m pybullet_envs.agents.visualize_ppo --logdir=pendulum/xxxxx --outdir=pendulum_video


Tensorboard training progress image for the Minitaur locomotion:

Assets 2

The Bullet 2.86 has improved Python bindings, pybullet, for robotics, machine learning and VR, see the pybullet quickstart guide.

Furthermore, the PGS LCP constraint solver has a new option to terminate as soon as the residual (error) is below a specified tolerance (instead of terminating after a fixed number of iterations). There are optional multithreaded optimizations, thanks to lunkhound. There is preliminary support to load some MuJoCo MJCF xml files (see data/mjcf),see Bullet VR haptic experiments with a VR glove:

app_sharedmemoryphysics_vr_vs20 2017-01-26 10-12-45-16

Jan 25, 2017


Merge pull request #932 from erwincoumans/master
minor fixes, report visual frame instead of inertial frame in visualShapeData

@erwincoumans erwincoumans released this Oct 15, 2016 · 2408 commits to master since this release

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Bullet 2.85 (previously known as 2.84) introduces pybullet, easy to use Python bindings, as well as Virtual Reality support for HTC Vice and Oculus Rift. In addition, there is support for Inverse Kinematics and Inverse Dynamics. This release is marked as 'prerelease' until the documentation is updated. See also this video:

Oct 13, 2016


Merge pull request #834 from erwincoumans/master
Add rudimentary 'saveWorld' command in shared memory API and pybullet…
Oct 8, 2016


Merge pull request #822 from erwincoumans/master
SharedMemory API: don't enable rolling friction by default for progra…

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Bullet Physics SDK 2.83 is a first release using the new example browser. See the docs/BulletQuickstart.pdf how to get started.

bullet2 83

Note that the example browser needs a bit more work and some old demos are not in the new example structures yes, this is a todo for a future release.

Aug 11, 2015
Jun 5, 2015
Merge pull request #397 from erwincoumans/master
simple lua script test, fix relative path issue in urdf importer
May 7, 2015
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test again, for mac travis support