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@padraiq padraiq released this Jun 29, 2018 · 334 commits to master since this release

Changelog :

* Filter for Orphaned Blocks in tx history
* When you unlock your wallet for staking then mouse over the lock/unlock icon, 'anonymization’ is no longer spelled incorrectly
* Immature Balances are not added to total balance anymore
* Added staking information to the tooltip of the staking icon on the bottom right
* Set seesaw final block in chain params
* Added dynamic protocol spork
* Updated masternode reward with final seesaw block
* Updated protocol versions
* Added new spinner animation and staking status icons
* Implemented option to disconnect/ban peers in GUI and RPC
* Fixed links in documentation
* Fixed wrong example Bulwark address on send screen
* Fix for deadlock detection from Bitcoin
* Updated to openssl v1.0.2o
SHA-256 | 85f0918bef2c82ab1970b719226cde0fa41c8c31c88a87c1d94fad0f47e1816b

SHA-256 | b552f1260334f56c5fe44a009c9ccb9860d573d401ed9e7523f2ef704ab54e13

SHA-256 | cd0f1ea36b030d9f4ca12139c61a1147feeecb052a8d0b395adce8aa420edadb
SHA-256 | 7bf74446fab677749f8a951523be928d6c145b5d491d1868507765da20ac1652
SHA-256 | 7411293f8a58c9ece41fad28b81236dd081ef17c6f87e27f8a418ac36d8c4247

SHA-256 | ef54cf7739f6edfca3a9fd252f4bf271aa6931cfed28c79821965a13970ed46a
SHA-256 | 2d0de510794af67ea9524cd8676ee728b84f8bf88bf315951b5016dd32940c74

SHA-256 | 31a5e88d4ba7f076db87709caa977ec2245a028cfdbd73cabfcb9948395237c3
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