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@sjudd sjudd released this Jan 25, 2015 · 1322 commits to master since this release

Glide 3.5 is an incremental release containing a small number of new features and some significant bug fixes.

You can see a complete list of issues in the corresponding milestone.


  • Add GlideModules for simple lazy configuration (#311).
  • Support for an original size (#274):
// You can override a view's size to request the original image:
    .override(Target.SIZE_ORIGINAL, Target.SIZE_ORIGINAL)

// SimpleTarget also now defaults to SIZE_ORIGINAL:
    .into(new SimpleTarget<GlideDrawable>() {
        public void onResourceReady(GlideDrawable drawable, GlideAnimation animation) {
  • Improved ListPreloader API, including an interface allowing different sizes per position thanks to @DavidWiesner (#273)
  • [ALPHA] AppWidget and Notification Target implementations thanks to @pavlospt (#242):
AppWidgetTarget widgetTarget = 
        new AppWidgetTarget(context, remoteViews,, 300, 400,;

  • Override values are passed through to thumbnails (#236).
  • Automatically call trim/clear memory based on ComponentCallbacks (9063f6c).


  • Updated to Robolectric 2.4 thanks to @TWiStErRob (#249).
  • Updated to Android gradle plugin 1.0+ (ba32d32).
  • Added Intellij files for easier development (e34df44)



  • Fixed needlessly copying Bitmaps decoded from data without an EXIF orientation tag (#270).
  • Freed thumbnails eagerly when full loads finish (#237).
  • Fixed a strict mode violation initializing the disk cache on Lollipop (#298).
  • Fixed a NetworkOnMainThread exception in the OkHttp integration library (#257)
  • Calculate sample size correctly thanks to @jisung (#288)


  • Worked around a framework issue in KitKat and Lollipop causing certain types of Bitmaps to render old data (#301).
  • Fixed large BMPs failing to render (#283).
  • Fixed decode failure for images with minimal EXIF segments (#286).
  • Fixed a bug causing shared color filters (#276).


  • Fixed a crash when the Glide singleton is instantiated on a background thread (#295).
  • Fixed a crash when completing loads started or cancelled other loads (#303).
  • Fixed skipMemoryCache not always skipping the memory cache (#258).
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