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Bureau Works API Command Line Interface and NodeJS module
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Bureau Works API Command Line Interface and NodeJS module

This repository contains a JavaScript library that can be used to access the Bureau Works API. It also includes a CLI written in NodeJS that facilitates API calls from the command line.


You need a Bureau Works account and API KEY. Please visit to get yours!

You will also need NodeJS and git installed in your environment.

For API reference, please visit


Clone this repository:

$ git clone

Install dependencies

$ npm i

Make the CLI friends with your shell environment

$ chmod +x cli.js

Run the Configuration once - this will create a config.json file in your ~/.bwx/ directory. You can get an API KEY at once you log in the system.

$ ./cli.js config

You should see a message confirming the file creation now test the API with the CLI!

$ ./cli.js services

$ ./cli.js languages

You can use npm link to allow us to locally ‘symlink a package folder’. If you do so, you can call the CLI anywhere in your system with the bwx shorthand:

$ bwx timezones

$ bwx languages

For the help, use:

$ bwx --help

Or for specific commands, for example, the project creation command:

$ bwx create --help

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