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A royal road function in support of the generative fixation hypothesis and hypomixability theory
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Experiments with a new royal road function (Contingent Parities) that support the Generative Fixation theory of adaptation and the Hypomixability theory of recombination.

A companion blog post (When will evolution outperform local search?) introduces Contingent Parities Functions and compares the behavior of recombinative evolution and simulated annealing on a member of this class of fitness function.


Simulated annealing and a genetic algorithm can be run on a contingent parities function of order 2 and height 100 as follows:

Simulated Annealing:

import royalroads as rr
rr.SA(rngSeed=1, numPeriods=1000)

Genetic Algorithm:

import royalroads as rr
rr.GA(rngSeed=1, numGenerations=1000, useClamping=False)

To compare the performance of the two algorithms on the contingent parities function:

import royalroads as rr


mmh3, matplotlib, joblib
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