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Intelligently searches through a list of file names for the one you were probably looking for.
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Latest commit 6c54c26 Dec 17, 2014 @burke version 1.0.0


This is a standalone library that does the same fuzzy-find matching as Command-T.vim.


$ make
# move `matcher` somewhere useful
$ make install
# make install will install it to /usr/local/bin.


Matcher searches for a string in a list of filenames, and returns the ones it thinks you are most likely referring to. It works exactly like fuzzy-finder, Command-T, and so on.


$ matcher [options] <search>


  • --limit: The number of matches to return (default 10)
  • --no-dotfiles: Dotfiles will never be returned (by default, they may be)
  • --manifest: Specify a file containing the list of files to scan. If none given, matcher will read the list from stdin.


$ matcher --limit 20 --no-dotfiles --manifest filelist.txt customer.rb
$ find . | matcher order

Using with CtrlP.vim

let g:path_to_matcher = "/path/to/matcher"

let g:ctrlp_user_command = ['.git/', 'cd %s && git ls-files . -co --exclude-standard']

let g:ctrlp_match_func = { 'match': 'GoodMatch' }

function! GoodMatch(items, str, limit, mmode, ispath, crfile, regex)

  " Create a cache file if not yet exists
  let cachefile = ctrlp#utils#cachedir().'/matcher.cache'
  if !( filereadable(cachefile) && a:items == readfile(cachefile) )
    call writefile(a:items, cachefile)
  if !filereadable(cachefile)
    return []

  " a:mmode is currently ignored. In the future, we should probably do
  " something about that. the matcher behaves like "full-line".
  let cmd = g:path_to_matcher.' --limit '.a:limit.' --manifest '.cachefile.' '
  if !( exists('g:ctrlp_dotfiles') && g:ctrlp_dotfiles )
    let cmd = cmd.'--no-dotfiles '
  let cmd = cmd.a:str

  return split(system(cmd), "\n")



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