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A solid payment module means that SilverStripe apps can be payment-enabled very quickly. A standardized payment library means that payment types can be swapped out at will. No need to rewrite code.

Read more about this fork of the payment module.


  • Make payment for any data-object in SilverStripe.
  • Must work across multiple modules.
  • Provide a standardized API for any payment gateway/processor/connector. (eg: paypal,worldpay,paymentexpress,cheque)
  • Centralized place to store and choose from different payment types.

Further useful functionality

  • Re-occurring payments system/interface.
  • Total paid / total outstanding functions for an object.
  • Making partial payments.
  • Outgoing payments.
  • Processing partial or full refunds - if the gateway allows.
  • Ability to configure a different set of payment types for different modules / purposes within the same SS install.
  • If specific payment type is uninstalled, the db values can still be used.
  • Make a deferred payment - store credit card details, and trigger the transaction at a later date. Could either be provided by gateway, or Payment module (requiring mega security).

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