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Ranger Incident Management System

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This software package implements software to provide logging for incidents as they occur and to aid in the dispatch of resources to respond to those incidents. It is presently tailored to the specific needs of the Black Rock Rangers in Black Rock City.

The server is the master (authoritative) repository for incident information. Clients connect to the server over the network and provide an interface to users which enables them to view and manage incident information.

This package provides the server component, which includes a web client and some web-based reporting features. All functionality is exposed via JSON endpoints.

The server is implemented using Twisted Klein and requires Python 3.9+.


Running the Test Suite

This project uses Tox for running tests. To run all of the default test environments:


Running the Server

To run the server will require some configuration, and if you try to start the server with the default configuration, you will probably see an error such as this:

2020-03-12T09:16:55-0700 [] Setting up web service at http://localhost:80/
2020-03-12T09:16:55-0700 [] Unable to run server: Couldn't listen on localhost:80: [Errno 13] Permission denied.
2020-03-12T09:16:55-0700 [-] Main loop terminated.

The above error happens because the server, by default, tries to use the standard port for HTTP (80), and that is commonly reserved for system services.

To set up a configuration for development, start by copying the example configuration and directory files:

cp conf/imsd-sample.conf conf/imsd.conf
cp conf/directory-sample.yaml conf/directory.yaml

To build and run the server (for development only):

tox -e run

In your browser, open http://localhost:8080/ to reach the server. Log in as any user in the conf/directory.yaml directory file. In the conf/imsd.conf sample configuration file, the users Hardware and Loosy are administrators, and in the sample directory, all users have passwords that match their handles. You'll want to log in as one of those to set up an Event.

Use the pull-down menu at the top right corner of the page (it will show the logged in user's Ranger handle), and select Admin. On the next page, navigate to the Events page and create an event called Test.

In the box labeled Access for Test (writers), enter the string *. That will give all users the ability to create and edit incidents in that event.

You should now be able to select your new event from the Event menu at the top right, and then create new incidents within that event.

Pull Requests

Pull requests in GitHub will run all tests on Travis CI, and all are required to pass prior to merging.

100% unit test coverage is also expected for all new or modified code prior to merging a pull request.


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