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Burstcoin Pool software
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Burstcoin Pool

Build Status

A Burstcoin Pool

Built by Harry1453 (Donation address BURST-W5YR-ZZQC-KUBJ-G78KB)


  • MariaDB
  • Java 8 (Will not work on newer versions!!!)


  • Download The Latest Release
  • Create a new MariaDB Database and create a user to access it.
  • Extract the zip file. Configure to suit your needs.
  • You will need to wait some blocks before miners start to show their capacity.


You need to modify to suit your needs. Properties are explained in that file.

Customizing the Web UI

There are options to customize the site in the properties. Further modifications can be made by changing the contents of the JAR. Per the license terms, you must not remove the copyright notice at the bottom of the page, but you may make any other modifications you wish.



  • Gradle
  • JDK 8

Building a release JAR

  • gradlew shadowJar Will build a release JAR and place it under build/libs/
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