Dart Koans. Achieve enlightenment through failure.
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Dart Koans

This application is inspired by Ruby Koans. The idea is simple: You achieve enlightenment though a process of failures. As each failure is overcome you get one step closer to enlightenment.

In practice, the Dart Koans allow you to learn Dart through a much more hands on approach. Each test is accompanied by enough comments surrounding the code that an individual should be able to determine what the code is trying to accomplish and what values need to be provided to the default fill-in value.


In order to properly complete the koans, you will need to edit the files, as well as run the script. As such it is recommended that you download the .zip file and extract it to a local directory. Once downloaded to a local directory, you may need to run pub install in the directory to copy over the required sdk files. Do Not use pub to download and install the Koans to another project, as it will place the source files in the pub-cache and more difficult location for editing properly.


First you must make sure you have, at the least, the Dart VM installed on your computer and working. If you're unsure about this process please see the Dart download. From the command line use the dartVM to run the file:

dart bin/dart_koans.dart

You should receive an error letting you know where your path to enlightenment is currently blocked. From there, edit the file either with your favorite CLI editor, or with the Dart Editor.

Modify the file to correct the error, save and run the application again. Continue until enlightenment is achieved.

At current time, it is recommended that you run the application from the command line, and not from the Dart Editor. This is until one of two bugs are resolved: Issue 4654 and Issue 2789


If you load the project in the Dart Editor, you can expect to see several warnings and hints about the project in various files. This is to be expected, as each test is designed to fail in order to highligh specifics about the Dart language.

Also Note: This is currently still very unstable and a work in progress. There are numerous areas which are subject to change as development progresses.