Conversion of svo's ambient music scripts to work on OS X.
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                            BRAIN FLATLINER

This is a simple windows script that will launch two instances of 
VideoLAN media player. One player will play the recordings of numbers
stations known as the Conet Project. The other player will play a streamed
programming from radio station. The resulting mix
is unpredictable, it is different every time you try it and these two
programmes are almost guarranteed to go together well every time you try.

If regular ambient music doesn't stop your brain operation, this mixture
will. I'm not responsible for whatever you will dream of after listening
to this.

1. Adjust path to vlc.exe in flatliner.cmd. Most people would keep the default path.
2. Run flatliner.cmd
3. Wait until the connections are established.
4. A winrar is you!

You can replace the .m3u playlists with whatever you feel like. For example,
you can download the Conet Project archive to your local drive and play
it off the hard disk. Or you can put your own selection of hazy ambient music
in place of Stillstream radio stream.

vlc.exe always starts with the first item in the playlist and in this
particular case it will always be the Swedish Rhapsody, which is a good
start anyway.

Send comments to svofski "at"