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BarCamp Charlotte IV, V, & VI

This fantastic repo that you see houses the last 3 versions of the BarCamp Charlotte site. In case Ben or Bermon die in a fire, zombies eat our brains, or zombies eat our brains then we die in a fire (more than likely by the hands of an angry, zombie killing mob) it's been made a public. This is how you get it up and running.


Installation is fairly simple and requires that you at least have Ruby and GIT installed & can finagle your way around a terminal window. If you don't know what those are then ask your nearest developer friend.

Clone the repo & cd to the directory

git clone git://

cd barcampclt

Install your gems

All of the required gems are handled through bundler. Install the bundler gem and it'll take care of the rest for you with it's handy bundle install command.

gem install bundler

bundle install


There are a handful of handy rake commands to make managing the site easier.

Start up the server

This will start up the Nanoc server, which automatically compiles your Haml files. Sass & Compass support are also build in and this will also compile your .sass or .scss files.

rake auto

Once started point your browser to http://localhost:3000.

Automatically refresh your browser

You have the option of using Guard + Livereload which can you can run in another terminal window that detects changes to the Haml or Sass files & automatically refreshes the browser for you. You'll need to install the livereload browser extension first. It's available for Safari, Chrome, & Firefox.

Once you have the extension installed you can start up guard in another terminal window.

guard start

That's all it takes to get things set up. You can now edit away.

Nifty things used to make the site

For those that are curious (and to lazy to poke around the repo) there are a number of nifty technologies used to make the current BarCamp VI site:

  • Nanoc is what makes it all possible. It's a static site generator and my personal favorite.
  • Haml makes writing HTML tolerable and lighting fast
  • Sass & Compass, the only way to write CSS. Once you start you'll never go back to writing vanilla CSS again.
  • jQuery, the best javascript library out there.
  • Modernizr, amazing feature detection library. I don't start a new site without it.
  • Lettering & FitText, for amazing & complete font control.
  • Selectivizr, gives IE 6-8 better support for CSS pseudo-classes.
  • Media Queries
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