Sea Snake Escape: A sea snake game in Rust using Piston game engine
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rust-snake - or - Sea Snake Escape

A sea snake game in Rust using the Piston game engine To run it you need SDL2

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control the diver. When you lose or win, hit Enter to restart. You can also exit with Esc.

alt tag

Reach the surface before the sea snakes get you!

This project serves as a test project for the Rust-Graphics API and Piston game engine. The main goal is to improve Rust-Graphics. Do not expect it to have high quality as a game.

It was also my entry game for Ludum Dare 29

Building Instructions

Add the dependencies and add the '.rlib' files to '/target/cpu-vendor-os/lib/':

In the Terminal window, navigate to the project folder and type:

cargo run